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    SC 3 hyped for 4

    Anyone else here hyped for 4? With the customization they are offering with both the CaS and altering the appearance of the existing heroes i can't wait. But here is a funny SC 3 video and some very skilled combos. The cervantes one was just amazing...
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    Number 3 does indeed live, i thought it was cancelled, now the waiting game begins.
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    Was kind of hoping they would show more on this game at E3 and since it isn't well known the big game sites haven't shown it yet, but for those that know it here is MadWorld and it looks insanely awesome. Due to the graphic nature i issue a warning for content, enjoy...
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    Mercs 2

    Boy these games and their trailers around this time a year. This is a video demo of 3 different ways to approach a situation with the 3 mercs, i like mattias the best lol.
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    No warning needed here, this is just engine demo's, and the infernal engine looks quite awesome. The amount of...
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    MK vs DC

    Seems like fatalities are in after all, and what is even better is he is doing it to flash!
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    Best WWII game to date? I think so.
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    Funniest GTA 4 video ever.

    It is both funny and true!
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    Saints row 2

    Loved the first one, and by this story video it looks like alot of effort went into the 2nd one. The graphics the story all look fantastic.
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    Deadly Creatures

    They finally released some new footage on this game, you take the role of a scorpion or a spider so far those are the only chooseable creatures anyways. This video shows some of the singleplayer. I love the animations they have in this...
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    Itagaki quit!

    Seems like this NG really is the last one, and no DOA 5? Gasp!
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    Don't Date Robots!

    I happened upon this site while skimming around GT got a kick out of it and it reminded me of Futurama.
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    Ng 2

    Want to see the first 10 minutes of gameplay by a rookie? Watch this amazing game in action for the first 10 minutes of gameplay. Honestly i applaud TN for another job well done.
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    Funnnn game, esp if you like the series, playing kagero's deception 2 back on the original playstation i always wondered if they were going to make another, well in 2005 i saw the trailer and told myself i would get this game, it just never came out around here. Well 2 days ago i went to...
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    xbox 360

    Does it cause scratches? For some unlucky few or maybe all of us i guess the answer is maybe?
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    360 naruto

    Well well by this video i think it will have online fighting, but the singleplayer will be a rpg type thing, i love how they did the ninjitsu's actually using a analog stick.
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    Tenchu Demo

    The controls in Tenchu getting you down? Can't figure out how to do any moves because of the crappy control system? Throught trial and error i figured most of them out, the only ones i didn't know from this video were the pipe in the water+body pick up, however i mentioned 4 that he didn't...
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    Think you got tetris skills?

    Prove it in this japanese gameshow, i almost fell out of my chair laughing at the end part.
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    Heh church to sue sony? Over resistance?!

    Wow i mean hot damn if sony wasn't having a bad enough time with people saying this and that was better then ps3, now the churches want to sue sony over resistance... Check this out if u haven't seen it.
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    Dawn of War Dark crusade

    Got a question here, im pretty much a Tau newbie, but how exactly do you beat a computer AI in campaign that is a ork? Seriously when i attack his land and he has his commander there i don't stand a chance, not the stronghold the land he is on, i had hammerheads, crisis suits, kroot's, drone...