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    Check out this recording (guitar content )

    Well I recorded this song today and edited it and I thought it sounded pretty cool. So I decided to share it with yall I've been playing since my late 14's and got serious at 15 during the summer ( practiced quite a bit ) and i'm 16 now.. Enjoy...
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    Under the Influence

    When i'm not super drunk, and i'm stoned, I usually smoke lots of cigarattes and play guitar. You can discover some things sometimes. But in a social situation with girls, well, self explanatory lol
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    YOUR Favourite song at the moment.

    Van Halen - 5150 live at net version Kicks too much ass...
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    I hate this type of attention getting

    Well if those sorts of attitudes piss you off, why don't you just let him die or **** up his own life ? Let him keep screwing up, just so he can see how deep into trouble he's getting into, hopefully he'll learn.
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    Guitar String.. snapped?

    You don't have to take it anywhere, it's fairly simple if you know what you're doing and only have to replace the string that you snapped. You can look up online how to for Floyds and floating bridges online but if its a hard tail it shouldn't be a big problem..Just go buy a set of strings.
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    Jack Ass - Number 2

    It was very funny, the old man and the kid part where awesome. " You wanna take this outside? WE ARE OUTSIDE YOU DUMBASS! "
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    New guitar and videos has backings if you need em
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    New guitar and videos

    Use the anger you feel to become better.
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    New guitar and videos

    Ive been playing 2 years, and i'm all away ahead of you way AHEAD. It's called dedication, stop making excuses and start practicing listen to the song and play long with it make it flow and go with the melody.
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    Axe Advice

    Listen to songs and try to use your ear or look up tabs of your song and play along with them that helped me in the start.
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    DaRk's Guitar Shreddage

    If you think my criticism was harsh i'm sorry dude shouldn't have gone that far, but if you played for other experienced players like that trust me they'd kill you with harsh criticism. They used to do that to me when id go in guitar rooms I just used that anger to get better. Anyway here is...
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    DaRk's Guitar Shreddage

    I'm just saying man to work on your technique.
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    DaRk's Guitar Shreddage

    The guitar needs a set up and make your soloing flow man it doesn't flow that much it sounds like pointless wanna be shred type thing. You need to make your playing sound cleaner and work on your technique a bit more. Also add some rythm some groove in between the soloing so it doesn't sound...
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    Some guitar help please.

    Get an Ibanez RG series, they're nice guitars for the money just swap the pickups or go with Shecter. And for an amp, if you want good tone go for a combo amp with tubes bit pricy but worth it. Or you can go with solid state amp, Randalls rule for solid state, well the ones i've played Ive...
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    The end is here!

    It would be nice if it was the apocalypse...
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    Sig Help

    Most people use Adobe Photoshop and that costs money ( or you can get it other ways ) Or you can get paintshop pro which I think you have to buy too.
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    Did i got fooled?

    Why don't you just talk to her straight about it, If I were you I would end it. Same thing happened with my last ex gf she could never meet with me on weekends and she would go with her stupid friends to the mall on weekends or to their houses. Later on I figured out she tried to avoid me and...
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    Which is sadder?

    That video was pointless and not even funny. o_O Spunky's sig is even funnier lmao
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    Wich song/album was #1 when you were born.

    On 6th Feb 1991 ... The Number 1 single was: The K.L.F. featuring Children of The Revolution - "3AM Eternal" For Number 1 single over the subsequent years Click Here The Number 1 album was: Jesus Jones - "Doubt" For Number 1 album over the subsequent years Click Here Born on 6th Feb...