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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Wow, seems PC is getting it's first offical bandai DBZ game. Could this mean end to ESF? j/k :P -Akira Toriyama is personally supervising the development with Bandai and Bandai Korea -They're still in search of a publisher Info...
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    Naruto Shippuuden Mugen!!

    NHM = "Naruto Hurricane(Shippuuden) Mugen" is a fan made(in making) mugen engine game. Some ingame screens & Stuff: pre-demo video(trailer) :=) Downlaod links :
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    No mouse cursor ingame menu...

    howcome? it's very annoying, other steam games have it, ESF doesnt for me :S
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    NARUTO PART 2 VIDEO!! Only 19 secs, but that made my day woooooot!! Must WATCH!!
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    Naruto360 leaked conceptart.

    "Apparently Ubisoft slipped up and left a 2gb file open to download in their FTP site and some images of unannounced titles were in there including these from a upcomming Naruto game." Omg these concept art look amazing.... -Images Removed-
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    Bleach: Blade Battlers PS2(Aawsome!)

    Now this is must get game for all bleach fans, it has full 3d fighting system, and i quess alot of chars including BANKAI's. the system looks realy awsome, tho the game reminds just alittle of Naruto: Narutimate Hero series. But other than that it's a realy great game, i cant understand JAP...
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    Close Your Eyes! Sharingan!

    Newest sig, it isnt nothing special, but the effects on the sig maybey make it abit cooler. Rate 1-10 C&C are welcome... :))
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    New POTW ESF-World.

    I <3 it.
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    Kimimaro'n others!

    Well, LSW style :/ i realy love it. Here is my first awsome LSW style naruto char. "Kimimaro". If i finish him, then i will make all other Sound5 and then i i will look into what to make. Here are some anims of kimi: I dunno if anyone here still likes spriting or LSW so i hope you...
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    Chou Dragonball!

    New Vids! I have to say, this game looks realy good. What are your toughts?
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    Family Guy is Real!! :O

    Zomg, now this is funny *...* cartoon: The real dude now wtf... O_O
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    DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi Avatars!!

    Well, i was netless last night, so i made some awsome DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi intro 100x100 Avatars. Here goes: There are 14 Avatars Get it here!! Feel free to use them anywhere. Enjoy.
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    New Kid POO sig.

    Newest sig. c&c... :tired:
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    Flame On!!

    Just a new avatar took me about 10-13 minutes :] c&c would be good.
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    1st, serious grundge from me.

    Newest sig, and it's my first true Grundge style sig, so go easy on me xD. Avatar Sig G&C are allways welcome.
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    omg rofl!! just peed my pants xD. Go to Videos > and scroll down you will find Store Wars. sry cant get a direct link for it. freeken funny.
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    NarutoRPG2 on DS.

    This game looks very cool.. and here are soem screens. :)
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    Most Funniest video eva!!

    This is just omg!! You will :D :D :D :D :D 10=% for sure! post comments after you seen it.
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    Gai and Lee!!

    New new new!! Avatar Sig1 Sig2 witch sig to use!! well, i kinda like 1 better..what you think! c&c would be nice!
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    Dragon Ball GT®: Transformation

    Omg..this isnt nothing like Log series were...i dont know if im going to like this game. The pics look ok, but i want to see more of the gameplay.. info: Post your toughts...