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    Blocking Splash

    I believe that, while blocking, you should also block splash damage from nearby sources. Maybe to balance it out a bit, it deals ki damage. One of the more annoying things about the current system is that blockstruggling is not really useful. Who's going to waste Ki and give their opponent a...
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    1.3 Awesomeness

    Alright! Some stuff I love about ESF 1.3: -Improved Turbo! This is really cool. The best thing, in my opinion, about it is how ridiculously FAST you can go when fully charged up. It basically stops beamspamming, since if he just sits back throwing beams, you'll move too fast for him to stop...
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    If you hit someone and they crash into the ground, or a mountain or something, you can nail them as soon as htey get off. This takes down almost all their hitpoints. If they hit something and start rolling ,you can hit them like 3-4 times, which is instant death.
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    Krillins Transform

    Alright. For some reason, even when I die as Krillin, the transformation stays. I never have to retransform, and I can't descend.
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    Low Ping Server Physics

    What'sitdo? It's a server side option, and I'd like to know what effects it has.
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    Teamplay Servers!

    Someone needs to host an (north American) server that has teamplay on it for the 1.3 beta. The gameplay's great, but I'm usually forced into a free-for-all game. Such games are rarely fun, because there's ALWAYS someone off to the side ready to blast you with a beam when you're not looking...
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    Restricted Swoop Question

    Alright. I'm hearing a lot of moaning about how swoop is useless now, because it's restricted, etc... Which makes me it a bug that you can tap the directional keys mid-swoop to keep on swooping? Or do these moaners need to just play it more?
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    Useless Turbo?

    maybe this is a bit early of me to whine, but the feature where turbo becomes more powerful the longer you charge...just seems like something that will be obsolete and useless among higher levels of play. The second you stop to do that, you get nailed. Does anyone else think this might happen?
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    Alright. I was playing on my own little server to learn some of the new 1.3 crap. I turned to the ground with a charged up kamehameha, and held space, and released...BOOM, crash to desktop.
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    Alright, this has been pissing me off. I keep getting my ass handed to me in any sort of fight, even though I seem to be hitting my opponent as much as they are me. I found out why I don't seem to do **** to them: I can't double-hit with basic melee. This is a problem since I've noticed hte...
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    Angle Hits

    Hey folks. Question: what does an angle hit do? Why is it superior to a regular basic melee attack? And while we're on the subject, how do people manage to do these? I see people who can teleport about 4 times in different directions, and then slam into me when I have no idea what's...
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    Hey guys, I have a question regarding an old member of the ESF community, so I'll post it here since it's not really relevant to the game. He's the guy who introduced me to ESF...he usually hosts his own server for a few friends of his. When I asked him why he didn't post on the forums, he...
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    American Servers

    Hey guys...There seem to be no American servers around. Are there any good ones? All the servers I see have 125+ ping, putting me at a pretty large disadvantage.. Question #2...if there are none, then is there a way to host an ESF server on another computer without having a second STEAM...
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    Swoop Question

    Hey folks... My keyboard's old. I don't know if that causes it, or something else, but a lot of times, when I doubletap a key, it doesn't let me swoop. This is most likely my own fault. But... I was wondering if there's a way to bind it so that you press two keys at once to swoop-like...
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    Scouter Problems

    Hey folks... When I started out, my scouter seemed pretty opaque. This was good, because I could actually see it... Now it seems to have turned translucent.When looking at the sky, it becomes impossible to look at, and it now disappears when I'm blinded. What is going on? Second...
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    I looked around and I can't find anything on this... What's it do? What makes the sword superior to regular melee?
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    kiblobs around struggles are some things that happen that are, in my opinion, really lame and need changed 1) Around a person blockstruggling, you can surround them in a when the shot gets reflected, it detonates the kiblob and they die. or... 2) Put a kiblob around someone in a...
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    High ping

    Hey folks..on almost all servers, my ping is about 150. This is really wierd because in almost all games I get pings of under 100... What could be causing this? Should I open some ports? Do I need to disable my router's firewall?
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    What's the big damn deal? Why do people find this so horrible? It's really not hard to transform without being seen. I don't see why people transform up in the air, in the middle of the map, and then wonder why they're such a juicy target. When I transform, I do it on the ground in a...
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    Hey folks, I have come to the conclusion that... I suck ass. I am learning to teleport/dodge enemy melees, which is my main problem, but I can never get it right. Right after I teleport, I am attacked. If I try and attack right after I teleport, I can't aim it right fast enough and either...