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    Check out this recording (guitar content )

    Well I recorded this song today and edited it and I thought it sounded pretty cool. So I decided to share it with yall I've been playing since my late 14's and got serious at 15 during the summer ( practiced quite a bit ) and i'm 16 now.. Enjoy...
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    Cruel Advertisement?

    I don't know if this has been posted or not but bleh i'm bored. I got this from another forum and just wanna see what you guys thought about it. I hope you guys don't get offended by it or anything but here it is. First 1 Text next to the WTC: 2863 deaths Text next to the Man with the...
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    Umm help?

    Ok I installed ESF in the right section and folders and everything but the thing is it won't show up on my STEAM list and when I use the icon it just opens Counter Strike Help?
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    LOL FUNNY CS OK PROFANITY IS CONTAIN IN THIS VIDEO IF YOU'RE NOT OVER 18 OR YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN WATCH IT THEN DO NOT.. This video was captured with FRAPS and there's a funny conversation and that guy keeps saying VERY funny stuff....That it makes you laugh...
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    The Sims and etc...

    So any fans of the great game of The Sims? I've played all the expansions all the games and so far im obsessed with those games there very ****ing awesome! anybody else like them too?
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    Help please

    Anyway I was playing Counter Strike and this dude was like cheating with an aimbot headshots everywhere I came back into the serve since I had to go do something..He was stilll there until I notice him shooting at me on the head and I said a comment about it....and all of the sudden my game...
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    Video taking pics

    I searched around and find nothing not even on google is there a program that can take screenshots of videos since there on different layers and print screen dont work....So is there a program and when I pause a video that I can take ascreenie? after i get my question answered with a good...
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    Post the pictures of you gf's.

    0 Post pics of your girlfriends since there where some threads of post your pics is the gf turn :laff: I have a hott gf :P Edit* A little close up :P
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    Chibi Goku Wallpaper

    Credits to Gundamwing for the model this is something I made since I was extremely bored and decided to do something nice using a model.Instead of using pics from the show..I know it isn't much creative but it did took me a bit of time.
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    New sig...

    Check out my newest sig I think it's cold and cool..Just like I wanted it..
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    What Did You All Get For Christmas!?

    I got Dragon Ball Z Budokai for Gamecube and its way better than the ps2 version im stuck beating %100 Frieza...I also got a nice watch and some new deck powell mini logo with tensor trucks,bone redds bearings,spitfire wheels ^_^ What ya'll get?
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    Ebaumsworld GHOST VIDEO

    O_O Jesus Christ I went to and they had a ghost video that is actually true so I checked it out and I just saw GHOSTS that actually cameras can see because of the frequency thingy o_O I dunno really and then they show pictures of this people and they see ghosts in the...
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    Me and my guild we have played since the start of everquest....Long days we have played and bought all the expansions it took me and my guild 3 years to accomplish the impossible.Some of us died on the battles vs the gods of everquest.Hard work and 24/7 effort was put in.Me and my guild are the...
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    The Impossible Is Possible!?

    O_O Ya bow to me BOW TO ME! lol they will not be released there just for you to admire my two little friends here :fight:
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    Ssj2 Goku Edit Release

    Well I wanted an ssj2 goku so it can go with the ssj2 Vegeta I have so I made an edit of Smo's Ssj Goku.Here it is I added more hair spikes to sides and he has 3 bangs in front just like Goku in Ssj2. Download Link : New Link It Works Now.
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    Scary Freaky Wallpaper

    I was bored and I started this freaky wallpaper. ^_^
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    Time To Show Latest Work!

    Im a show my latest work is gonna be a gallery and tell me what you think about them ^_^
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    Choose Your Anime Character! ^_^

    This thread is about which character of what anime you will like to be most but non dbz like say the name of the character and what anime show is it from. ^_^ I love Trigun so I will like to be Vash ^_^
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    Help Worst Nightmare!

    I need help with this I can't open any program like Aim or Msn nothing neither TS or play ESF or half life mods.When I double click to start program I get this error "This File Does Not Have A Program Associated with it performing this action.Creat an Association in the folder Options control...
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    My First Skin

    Well I was bored and a friend downloaded the skinmaps of that 17 model of Logan's so I was bored and told him to give them to me to give a try skinning.So I was working in photoshop and came up with this.THIS IS MY FIRST SKIN PEOPLE.So don't go to hard on me lol.Crits are welcome. :laff: Plus...