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    new love sig

    i'm going to make an good side sig of her to very soon..thats why and the things on her face..are evil signs
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    .Slave Of Love.

    well here it one..
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    like i said
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    its nice the way it is if you ask me... very nice sig
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    i like it..but the right side is to bright if you ask me
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    .Slave Of Love.

    crits please.
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    .Slave Of Love.

    Made this pic with my girl on it. i also made an sig of it in the signature section. but this is more like tim's art.. This is the love,this is the pain... she's an angel but thats not her name.. she give's me love, she give's me pain.. i'm her slave becouse its always the same... ive...
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    new love sig

    my girl is very evil...full of pain....ive been forsaken with her... thats why the evil pic :\
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    new love sig

    crits please.
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    Unreal tournament logo

    made an logo for my UT site
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    new love sig

    here an pic with my girlfriend on it
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    Angels Wings..

    np, i was just shocked..becouse the site is from an friend of my
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    Angels Wings.. it just me.. he ripped the pic from the site i posted up this thread... :\ of the site has to be his site :S
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    Angels Wings..

    he only did something with the origional pic...the one i posted... or the site has the be his...
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    Angels Wings..

    i dont like it.. -> official site :
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    Sig Idea

    like neo said...STFU..mind youre own bisnes
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    smurf i like it how it is right now
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    The dumbest thing that scared you the most??

    i never had an scary moment in my l'm an screen-thinker..i see everyting in my head.. i cant dream..and ive seen every single monster infront of me.. this is no joke..this is serious
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    agree with naruto..go F*cking away to youre mommy ;(
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    Final Trunks Armor Pack 1.1 !!!!!!

    damn that opty guy is good...maybe he is god..or just G^Y :\