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    I just have to say this

    it started about 1 a 2 months ago..i ripped the vegeta ned made very very stupid......(i can post pics later if u want) before that day al of my models sucked so bad:)........and me being foolish and ripped a model(tha vegeta from ned) the next day i was banned on 2 forums dbq and
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    Brolly model

    gimme some feedback...bad render tho:\
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    Trunks ssjhead!!!!!!

    hi new head gimme some feedback
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    my official first skin:D gimme comments..i'll post all updates on model/skin here!!!!!
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    here checkl ramyon model i gave it a name:P(ramyon),...gimme good names for it
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    vegeta..almost done

    vegeta almsot done properations are bad(but it is old lone so..)
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    vegeta head!

    vegeta head,just finished it gimmwe some feedback
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    chibi trunks alpha

    heya, new model..chibi trunks alpha and render sux but i dont care it is a alpha need to make torso and i didn't tweaked anything well here it is
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    anroid17(GOTTO SEE)

    here is my new model and one of my greatest to updates soon here ya go
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    kui,or vegeta model

    heya,well here is my vegeta or kui model(i don't know what to make it cus it looks good for both well tell me what ya think for now
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    trunks capsule torso

    man i like it ****ing much but there are somethings wrong well tell what that is so i can make it better
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    samurai brave model there is my samuray brave model..what ya think tell me and comment it so i can make it better