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    The End of the ESF Forums

    Indeed it is.
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    As I said, very high is blanked out and not all the textures change between settings.
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    Physics are mainly disabled on DX9 multiplayer. Here's some more shots for you all of low/medium/high: Scene 1 - Rocky Low Settings Medium Settings High Settings Scene 2 - Underwater Low Settings Medium Settings High Settings Scene 3 - Alien Thing Low Settings Medium Settings...
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    That was DX9. Those aren't the highest settings, either, (very high is blanked out) and not all the textures are effected by the change. I'm assuming they left out a lot of the high res textures to conserve file space. But yea, the difference between low/medium/high is very noticeable when...
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    I took some screenshots: Advanced Graphics Settings Low Quality Medium Quality High Quality Motion Blur in Action! Team Select Cool Shadow Iron Sight + Blur
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    What type of computer do you have?

    Inspiron 1520 Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2GHz 800MHz FSB 2GB DDR2 667 RAM nVidia GeForce 8600m GT with 256MB RAM 160GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache HDD 15.4" WXGA+ Glossy Display OS: Windows Vista & XP
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    Exactly. Let's hope the single player portion is better. The suit's cool, until you realize that everyone has the suit, then it's just normal... and lame. Nothing better than running into a capture point only to find out someone is just standing around cloaked, because cloaking takes almost...
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    I wasn't telling you buy it. Let's not drag this thread off-topic, please. Thanks.
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    I think it's very pretty.
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    Crysis Closed Beta

    It's good to be a subscriber so there's no lines when you get into the beta.
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    Crysis Closed Beta I got in and played it. Has anyone else gotten in?
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    Potential Cure for HIV?,23599,21987942-2,00.html
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    iPhone nosty ~~

    Hah, I saw this yesterday. The best thing is that the guy who sold his seat knew you could only get one phone per person. That's why he brought three people to buy two phones.
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    YOU!!! i want to take you to a *** BAR!!!

    This coming from the man who goes to a *** bar and has a 'rocking' time, and who also routinely strips down to his underwear with any other males who happen to come over. How is Me doing, anyways?
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    YOU!!! i want to take you to a *** BAR!!!

    Interesting thread. I can see interesting discussion coming out of this! ESF is becoming ESD (Earth's Special Diary).
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    Deserves their own thread: Hilarious HP Spoofs

    I found these the other day and thought they were hilarious. They're hilarious Harry Potter spoofs by a group called French and Saunders, I guess. Some of the voices sound almost authentic and some of the people look actually like they're out of the movie (Snape was hilarious). In the second...
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    Looks like you two are partying hard.
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    The Heroes Thread, many spoilers are here.

    Is Heroes actually a good show? I thought it looked cheesy from the advertisements.
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    Internet Pet Peeves

    ur all a bunch of noobz im not evan going to replie becuz ur all so stupid LOL
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    Starcraft 2 --- Confirmed (?)

    Watch the next announcement be that Diablo is being turned into an RTS.