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    .Slave Of Love.

    Made this pic with my girl on it. i also made an sig of it in the signature section. but this is more like tim's art.. This is the love,this is the pain... she's an angel but thats not her name.. she give's me love, she give's me pain.. i'm her slave becouse its always the same... ive...
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    Unreal tournament logo

    made an logo for my UT site
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    new love sig

    here an pic with my girlfriend on it
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    somebody stop these to guys !!!!!

    Link Removed* the last 10 post or something ;(
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    Temari drawing

    Temari from Naruto : Greetz Zabuza Shinobi, Niracle
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    my first wallpaper, Haku

    my first wallpaper.. for haku.. Name : in memories.. C&c ? greetz zabuza shinobi, Niracle
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    zelda link ripper

    he said an friend of him made it... website :
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    2 new zabuza sigs

    2 new zabuza sigs...(no border i know, i dont add the border becouse i'm almost always on the NBP forum (ninja's beyond power) and there you cant add an i dont add one.. Greetz Niracle
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    New Zabuza sig

    well here is an other one... is this one better then the last one ? please comment (border will come later..if its an good sig)
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    Zabuza Sig

    well here is my favo Naruto char i think... please crits and comments new sig is current sig
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    prince of persia sig

    simple sig of prince of persia.. :smile: greetz Niracle
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    death/team match artwork battle's

    well here it is...opened... with new stuff in it but first the rulez 1.Enter the tournament : first you have to draw an character... and have the post the guy on this thread.. then other warrior will do the same..and you pick an other warrior to fight.. the you draw an little comic...
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    How is Youre relation ?

    well i was just asking how are you guys..? i mean in the love stuff... so vote :smile:
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    i'm still working in it..please crits an comments..

    well i made some totally new style.. please give me crits and comments.. becouse i'm still working in it.. so tell me what you think ? name : digitall love story : digitall girl give her hart to somebody... to show how much she care.. greetz Niracle
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    another samurai..

    well here is an other samurai drawing...not that nice.. but ow well...maybe some one wanna color this one as well ? but first has the other one get to colored.. well maybe you like this on.. : greetz Niracle
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    artwork artist battle games

    do you think there must be artist battles again ? and are you gonna play in it again ? becouse i want to start the tournament battles again.. so vote on it greetz NIracle
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    charlie's angels & Thief

    well here 2 new sigs.. :smile: made reall fast because i was bored..but i dont wanted to make something to put some time :smile: charlies angels Thief - Gold i know they are very simple..but i was bored.. :smile: greetz Niracle :smile:
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    My New Samurai Artwork

    well i was bored...and i like chinees & japanese.. so this came out of it.. just some fast drawing... :smile: i hope you guys like it crits and comments are welcome maybe some one wanna color it ? greetz Niracle
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    Skinners please

    could some skinner...if he something for me.. :smile: well the pics are below.. i was thinking of maybe krillin/buu/piccolo... becouse they dont have the hair.. but i dont know if that matters... :smile: so please somebody... here are the pics..sorry that they are so bad i...
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    New Sig Blue or Red ?

    well just vote wich one is better :smile: the red old one... or the bleu new one... Greetz Niracle