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    Stargate - Continuum

    I predict downer ending.
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    Oh lawd. Arthos, I'm calling you out!

    It's Art Hose.
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    Oh lawd. Arthos, I'm calling you out!

    They like me, they really like me!
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    Pre-dinosaur era burrow discovered in Antarctica

    Very cool. No pun intended.
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    A toaster to rule them all

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    Fear to Halt Scientific Progress Once Again?

    If it has the potential to kill us all, I say let it.
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    What are you listening to now?

    Zeni Geva - Bloodsex.
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    Obama or Clinton?

    I don't trust any of them. Not a one. In my mind, any vote, at this point, will not benefit myself or the country. So... yea.
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    Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip..

    I would probably consider continually screwing with someone in the past. Drive them insane.
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    Harold and Kumar - Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    Ah New Jersey. Gotta love products of New Jersey.
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    Saturn Moon May Have Ocean of Water?

    Ah, Titan. Ever the enigma.
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    Bad Film is Bad.
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    True. Over saturation is at work here. Of course, I'll be annoyed by it when he surpasses Ben Filler...
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    Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip..

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    2008's line up of Super Heroes.

    You forgot Hancock, Jerk. But yea, Iron Man.
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    Much as I hate the way you worded that, I have to agree that he's become a decent actor in the last decade.
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    I saw the initial trailers for this back in January when I was working the International Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. That's gonna be a good flick. I'm anticipating it.
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    Arthur C. Clarke's Passing

    Good bye, Great One. You enriched my life in more ways than one.
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    Tornado strikes CNN Center

    Central Florida seems to be prone to tornadoes nowadays as well. Enough so that tornado warning sirens are amoung the many issues discussed by local governments.
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    What are you listening to now?

    The Halo 3 Soundtrack. Tribute. In remembrance of a fallen favourite fictional character of mine.