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    Laptop Crashing :(

    If it's crashing, then press the brakes, it'd reduce most of the damage... You, my friend, have recieved the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! Either try reformating, or your hard drive is fried like eggs on a Monday morning.
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    MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! (Transformers bishes!)

    Just saw it today, that movie waaaas incredible... the little radio robot was hilarious when (spoiler): he chopped his own head off and was like "oh shyt" And the part I like the most was when (spoiler): The whole house scene when the autobots was first introduced from the beginning of that...
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    Milky Way Galaxy? Nah

    Scientists dont know *bleep*... That's why they use big words that people don't know so that when they talk, they appear intelligent when actually, in all reality, they have no clue what their talking about. Now THAT'S my scientific observation :)
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    Big boom???

    Sounds like a transformer had bust, (no not the little trucks into robot things. I'm talkin bout the stuff that's attatched to power lines). did several houses lose power after the explosion?
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    Kung Fu Panda [2008]

    Kill yahself ;/ ---- Damnit, clicked the post button too soon. Anywayz I wish they went back to the old days with Aladdin, Lion King, etc. Now I'd watch another Disney movie if the stories matched the caliber of those movies. Now they just flat out suck, it's the same thing over and over again.
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    Are you in the Florida area?

    Hit up Orlando and I MIGHT get out of the house. Otherwise, I'm still too annoyed with you for spamming bulletins 24/7 telling me to add fat skanks to my friends. ---- Haha, my bad... been meanin to fix that. And it's still goin on. :( ICehhhh :O. I remember when you did poses and stuff for...
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    Are you in the Florida area?

    Lol guys? I work solo now. I have my own independent label and manage to get a good distribution deal proposed with major distribution companies. Basically, I'm suppose to keep this on the hush, hush, but Universal Records ( is offering a deal to market, promote...
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    Are you in the Florida area?

    OCALA FLORIDA AND SORROUNDING AREAS!!! Hosted By: Josh, Tony, & Carlos Santana When: Saturday Jun 30, 2007 at 8:00 PM Where: KnK Concert Hall Ocala, FL 34479 United States Description: Josh, manager of KnK Concert Hall presents Ocala with the Human Piff Tour staring Carlos...
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    Op. Tien is looking for volunteer animators

    I'd help, but only if TehMuffinMan (Shijing) teams up...
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    Ichigo [done]

    Woah that sexy mutha ****er go hard!!! OMG... GJ... LIKE... IT'S... SO... UBERTASTIC! Seriously though, gj Megaman... the progress is phenominal
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    What kind of job do you have?

    I'm a hip hop recording artist. I... A.) Produce musical compilations of recordings done by myself and may feature various artist ranging from hip hop, to r&b, and even the lines of modern day rock. B.) Go on the road doing radio interviews, club shows, magazine ad's etc. (usually 500 to 750 a...
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    Sarutobi [3rd hokage]

    comin along pretty well... keep it up
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    Ok, since you ESF'ers know so much...

    Who said it was? :shocked: Ok, let's say that I was using the porta-pooty(sp?) during a thunderstorm...
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    Ok, since you ESF'ers know so much...

    Of course asking a stupid question can prove someone's Illiteracy, but if that illiterate person can get 10+ people to answer his stupid question, with 80% of them answering out their ass, causing them to be legitimately wrong, it makes them look even the more... stupider, don't you think?
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    Song Lyrics

    There was a farmer who had a dog and BINGO was his Name-O B... I... N-G-O... B... I... N-G-O... B... I... N-G-O... And BINGO was his Name-O There was a farmer who had a dog and BINGO was his Name-O (clap) I... N-G-O (clap) I... N-G-O (clap) I... N-G-O and BINGO was his Name-O There was a...
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    Ok, since you ESF'ers know so much...

    lol yall must be bored too... anywayz with that being said, what if i take a pewp? off-topic: is #esf dead?
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    Ok, since you ESF'ers know so much...

    If I was to take a leak during a thunderstorm, will lightning travel thru my toilet... up my pee... and shock me at the u know what? O_o
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    Song Lyrics

    Artist: Carlos Santana Song: Paper Chase Album: Enjoy Your Crack (Promo Mix-tape) [Hook] Paper(x3) All I, All I need is, All I need is Paper(x3) [Verse] You know I gotta shine, I gotta make em hate... I'm making money from the oven call it patty-cake/ Aye man I'm feelin good... I'm buyin out...
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    Is sex really important in a relationship?

    i was just bored and decided to do a random topic, didn't expect to get so much attention. i guess everyone loves teh sex...
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    Is sex really important in a relationship?

    - Heh, Yup....... :rolleyes: