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  1. Bardock1132


    Hi everybody! havent been on in a while, just want to see how everyone is doing.
  2. Bardock1132

    Model Request

    can somebody make me a model ofa bardock and a plain ssj bardock for esf open beta plz, and thank you.
  3. Bardock1132

    Banana Time!!
  4. Bardock1132

    Need For Speed Undercover Problem

    i have the pc game need for speed undercover, but it wont run on my computer cause of something like nfs.exe cannot be executed, any suggestions?
  5. Bardock1132

    Goku Bags Piccolo

    the title says it all :laff:
  6. Bardock1132

    Buu and Cell

    are they suppossed to not transform back? and with friza
  7. Bardock1132

  8. Bardock1132


    in esf open beta is goku supposed to be flying sideways and charging sideways its annoying and his head is outside of his aura hmm ---------- Post added at 08:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:40 AM ---------- oh and wheres my cookie from phil? ;( i cant find it
  9. Bardock1132

    bye bye

    i quit bye bye SCREW U ALL:devsmile::devsmile::devsmile::devsmile::devil::devil::devsmile:;(:devil:
  10. Bardock1132


    what should me (bardock1132) do while he is bored cause he always is bored
  11. Bardock1132


    can anybody make me a custom skin of gohan like when he was in bojack unbound (gokus cloths) cause the namek cloths he wears are gay so can any one make a a gohan with gokus cloths PLZ! ---------- Post added at 04:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:09 PM ---------- in esf open beta btw
  12. Bardock1132

    Open Beta custom models

    hey how do you select custom models cause i downloaded a few and i cant get em on HELP!
  13. Bardock1132

    esforces open beta gohan

    hi, in the esforces v1.3 open beta, i have found out gohans transformations =) here they are (SSJ)-1,400,000-(SSJ2)-5,400,000- I cant believe its not butter!