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  1. dutchmeat

    How to communicate with game developers

    Rami Ismail, programmer and co-owner of the Dutch game company Vlambeer has written an article about how players and fans communicate with game developers. Link to the full article: I would assume the ESF development team...
  2. dutchmeat

    How do you guys manage the project and communicate?

    Hey guys, Recently some more people joined our ETLive project and we are currently searching a nice (free)project management tool and a way to communicate when we're not actively on Skype for example. How do you guys manage the project and communicate? Do you have a simple issue tracker or...
  3. dutchmeat

    Concept Art Sessions - Challenge yourself and get inspired!

    Concept Art Sessions Concept Art Sessions is a website where artists can choose a topic and duration and then have to make an art piece based on three random tags. These tags are based on the chosen topic (environment, character, creature, scene and vehicle). The...
  4. dutchmeat

    Cleaning the ocean from plastic waste, a 19 y/o student has the answer

    I love the TED videos, I just came across this one and I thought I'd share it. Let's hope we execute this plan.
  5. dutchmeat

    The Showdown Effect - Action game

    Official website: Steam: Trailer: You're even able to stream your game live to, right from the game...
  6. dutchmeat

    Doing some research

    Hiho, I've been keeping myself busy with this project ETLive(, our aim is to develop a similar platform as ID Software's Quakelive. The game we're trying to port is called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which is a free WW2 shooter released in 2003. (The game itself...
  7. dutchmeat

    Dirty Bomb, a new game by SplashDamage Looks really nice, I think I'm getting this.
  8. dutchmeat

    Looking for an old game

    Hey guys, I saw this old 'Commandos - behind enemy lines' trailer and I immediately thought of a similar game but in 3D with a third-person perspective. You have four characters, each with special gears. You start in a level where you were parashute-dropped on a left side of a canal/river...
  9. dutchmeat

    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Sources;,0,2317962.story WAT WHAT...
  10. dutchmeat

    Portal: Terminal velocity (Fan video)

    Check out this one; Really nice graphics, one well executed fan video.
  11. dutchmeat

    New Carmageddon in the making!?

    Who doesn't remember Carmageddon ? One of the most violent, gore-filled racing games in history, released in 1997. The game had all of the sweet features like dynamic vehicle damage, multipliers, bonuses, electric rays and much more. Stainless Games, the original creators of the game...
  12. dutchmeat

    Pizza is a vegetable? WHAT ?

    Source: Really ? Isn't April Fools' supposed to be in April ?
  13. dutchmeat

    Better visual difference between levels

    In ESF 1.2.3, when someone transformed to SSJ3, he/she wasn't really intimidating because it was just a model change and some sparks. In the series when goku transformed to SSJ3, basicly every fighter on the earth could sense him, feeling his power. Do you think it would be nice to add some...
  14. dutchmeat

    Interactive Music System

    Hey, Some time ago, a guy named Marcus Wilkinson has made a interactive music system for Wolfenstein: Enemy Teritory. This interactive music system uses game events to intensify the music. So the harder you're working, the more samples will be added to the music stream. I would love to...
  15. dutchmeat

    SpiritBomb feature

    Hey, If others going to make more suggestions, then I will do also. Everyone knows that goku can kill everyone with a spiritbomb, but that's because one major 'feature' in the series. And that's because, in the series, all the enemies can't escape the spiritbomb. So my suggestion is...
  16. dutchmeat

    No more suggestions

    How about we stop asking silly things, and let the team finish it for once.
  17. dutchmeat

    Some theory behind DBZ

    The DBZ series is based on the old energy (chi or ki) that the chinese/japanese (don't know actually) found out. They could use this energy to recover faster(heal), and all sorts of things. Some people say that this form of energy is just your adrenaline, but personaly i think it really is...
  18. dutchmeat

    Evm-ssj4 almost done

    Hi folks, I am working on a addon that's called 'EVM-SSJ4', like the name says, it's has to be combined with evm. Website (really really good ;)): ~Removed~