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  1. Bardock1132

    Can we play Final please?

    I don't see why people are so impatient, the longer we wait, the more awesome 1.3 will be.
  2. Bardock1132


    I'm fine, been doing schooling and playing in assassin's creed. Can't wait for ESF to complete :)
  3. Bardock1132


    Hi everybody! havent been on in a while, just want to see how everyone is doing.
  4. Bardock1132

    [Old PotW] Namek, water and the suns.

  5. Bardock1132

    [Old PotW] POTW - 9/19/10

    me loves the potw
  6. Bardock1132


    buy a valid copy of half-life, register the key on steam, then install esf in /computer/programfiles/steam/steamapps/*your username*/halflife
  7. Bardock1132

    PotW: Test Run

    i do believe that that is the overall progress of esf 1.3, or that its done and there testing for anything that they missed...
  8. Bardock1132


    i wanna hump u humpie!!
  9. Bardock1132

    hikaru from ouran?

    hikaru from ouran?
  10. Bardock1132

    Damaera called me flat nose on zeq2

    hahahahahahahahahahaha lololololololololololololololol this is funny, sorry
  11. Bardock1132

    Does everyone has none steam

    ive seen some old old old games at target...
  12. Bardock1132

    [Old PotW] PotW At the end of the rainbow

    very nice :) love it
  13. Bardock1132

    Picking a Laptop

    well, i am using a dell inspiron which was 500$$ american money. it doesn't have good battery life, but its fast, and will play almost any new game that comes out =)
  14. Bardock1132

    i wonder ESF 1.3's update...

    longer we wait, the more the game will be awsomer with graphics =D
  15. Bardock1132

    Okay, who is taking a piss on Sky here?

    ?? i dont get it
  16. Bardock1132

    Happy Birthday Optimus Prime!

    hwappy boywf dway optey primy
  17. Bardock1132


    i think everyones fine o.-
  18. Bardock1132

    Gary Coleman dies

    gary coleman was a dickhead i think.. he got beat up by a woman, and he beat them up too..
  19. Bardock1132

    Steam Account Giveaway!

    since its free, put my name in it!