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  1. MickeyG

    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    I really love the videos!! the transformations are epic, welldone welldone :D!
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    if you waited so long, you can wait a few years more :D ;)
  3. MickeyG

    I like the new forum

    In the past Cucumba gave warnings for those things :O he was strict with the rulessss.
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  5. MickeyG

    Is the first developer of Earth special forces here with us?

    i remember when your site was online, i really loved the style :D your username back then was SPiN right? Been following the mod since alpha aswell, i remember my friend calling me and he said i had to come to his house because he found the best dbz game he ever played.. and so we got addicted...
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    Welcome back, congratz on being admin again :D
  7. MickeyG

    I never asked for this

    we're doomed, now give us our stuff back :O!
  8. MickeyG

    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    Nope, we're for real this time, and yet again it's not aprils fools
  9. MickeyG

    Ocean Shader

    Yes it will ;)
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    i liked those earrings,, easy to use and a great idea.. :)
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    i guess you're hinting fusions haha :P but yea you are right.. but i like gohan too because of the cell saga :o
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    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD

    There is no need to post such replies, that will be seen as spam.
  13. MickeyG

    [Old PotW] High Setting vs Low Setting

    Well i saw someone post the option is there to have multiple and even costum huds.. so yea there will be more.. or you get the chance to make your own :)
  14. MickeyG

    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD

    Thanks everybody for the nice feedback sofar! this really motivates me to make more! so, expect some new stuff soon! :D
  15. MickeyG

    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD

    Thanks :D i'll try to keep you guys updated trough dev journal :D!
  16. MickeyG

    Real Super Sayian

    haha look at him when he is a supersaiyan he just looks super high XD! it was fun :P
  17. MickeyG

    Powerlevel dropping

    would be a cool feature, but that will make it unbalanced for the other classes, don't you think?
  18. MickeyG

    I need a some training Lessons

    maybe good to watch youtube tutorials :) or google HL1/HL2 mapping tutorials :D there are really much websites out there who can teach you how to do it.. thats the way i learned :D
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    What they can do is setup a guild/clan forum so people can recruit other people.. and advertise for the clans/guilds :)
  20. MickeyG

    Sub's coding pool party

    omg, you didn't add a skyrider?! damn man, you have much to learn :o