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  1. Gama

    Gama's 3D

    Been a long time since iv been here, figured I would post some of the WIP stuff I has on the go atm (yes i work on loads at once O.o) I'll post more when i has more time :)
  2. Gama

    Spike Video Game Awards

    It's that time of year again when you can vote for ur favs to win the Spike awards: Some of the sections are a joke and really wasnt though up to well.
  3. Gama

    Sig of the Week 1

    I am only trying to for 1 week to how it goes, if people enjoy it i will carry on doing it. RULES 1. Please keep signatures within the limit of 600x200(WxH). 2. All entries must be submitted within 7 days of this post date, no execptions. 3. Signatures must have your forum username on. AFTER...
  4. Gama

    Gears of War 2

    By the sound of it they fixed all the bugs and moans ppl had with the online play plus added tons of fun new stuff. <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="500"...
  5. Gama

    Gama Art Dump!

    Decided to dump some of my art here, prob seen some of it before: Sigs:
  6. Gama

    To Be Loved AMV

    Just finished my new AMV, lot of people were asking me to make a new one. Though I would show you guys: Direct download: hope u enjoy :)
  7. Gama

    New sig

    First sig I'v made In a while, didn't want to brush it really kinda feels overused just wondering what u guys though.
  8. Gama

    New sketch thread

    just wondering if anyone has any new sketches since the esf forums went down, i would of asked in the old one but was 2 lazy to look for it but anyways, I havent really drawn anything since i left college this was the last sketch i did:
  9. Gama

    new sig

    havent posted on here in a while so though i would. anyways just finished making this sig, wanted to try to do something different then most sigs but make it work at the same time, just wondering if i pulled it off. | | v
  10. Gama

    Fate/Stay Painting

    Decided to start painting again on photoshop (been a while since iv done it) and deicded to try and repaint this picture: and my progess so far: think I did way 2 fine details on the eyes so I might remove them later or try to do them more painty
  11. Gama

    New sig

    Inphyy from Ninety-Nine Nights, took me about 10-15mins to make just wondering if i should put more effort in?
  12. Gama

    Sasuke Wallpaper [WIP]

    brainfart moment, lost on what i should do next
  13. Gama

    New Wallpaper

    So I decided to brance off anime and make a wallpaper for my cus football team just wondering what you guys think simple but stylish:
  14. Gama

    London Expo

    Anyone going next month(26-27th)? I decicded I'll make the effort and go this time. for the lazy ppl the star guest going there are: Christopher Lee from Lord of the Rings Bobby Edner the voice of VAAN in FF12 Patrick Kilpatrick from Minority Report and 24 Amanda...
  15. Gama

    Need suggestions

    I need to play around with my new style a bit more and was just wondering if anyone could suggest any animes they would like to be made into a wallpaper. I could just pick the animes I like but not many ppl have the same taste as me . So go ahead and suggest something :P
  16. Gama

    new sig

    though i would try my new style with a sig, just wondering if it has the same effect as my wallpapers.
  17. Gama

    Bordom at Its best

    Ya so somewhat board and decicded to make a cazy-ass wallpaper 1280x1024 verison
  18. Gama

    Hellsing Ultimate

    3rd episode of Hellsing Ultimate is airing 9th of this month, anyone looking forward to it?
  19. Gama

    Anime Phenomenon

    Well I just finished my 3rd come back AMV and though I would share it with you guys, Hope you enjoy: ***Direct Download link up***
  20. Gama

    Funny F.E.A.R comic (56k Warning)

    So I was browsing the net just reading about F.E.A.R storyline no reason why but then i came across this pretty funny comic. Some may have read it but meh: Ok here is the whole of the F.E.A.R story in one comic! irst all the soilders enter this crazy corridoor facility, to check there...