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    The Pass Judgement Thread

    Okay i'm trying something here. I know for a fact there's a lot of people with some awesome drawing skills. Yeah you too! So i making a big sketch, drawing thread with a challenge involved. This is how it goes: I begin with giving a challenge for anyone to draw. The one who draws it...
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    Piccolo training Gohan wip

    I got head. I'm surprised at how fairly well it went to create his hair. I thought i would be scratching my hair more. Still it's not attached to the head yet and that's going to be another hassle. Please give your comments. :smile:
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    Latest works

    Now that i'm revisiting here for the first time in a long time, I might as well show some of my latest works. Here I go. Tell me what you think!
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    Tien Model

    Hi, i've been working for some time on this model. But i've run into a little problem. I mirrored one half of the model, but now that it's finished i can't seem to get them welded. No matter what i try it doesn't work. I tried grouping them, making copies, instances... nothing works. Am I...
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    Some dbz fanmanga pages

    I'm not really sure if i'm being smart submitting this here. Because probably not enough people will even see this. It's also been a long time since i last posted. But i do still visit these forums occasionally. But a while back and maybe some people remember, i showed the first version of...
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    Ok i hope to get the ball rolling again in these dusty parts of the forum. Therefore i'm launching the: "MEGA COOL ULTRA RANDOM DRAWING THREAD"!!!! ... ehm yeah. for all your drawing and artistic needs. If you want to draw something, anything at all, grab your pencil, do it and post it...
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    High poly Tien head

    I always wanted to pick up modelling. I fiddled around on milkshape a while back, but for the last 3 days i have been doing the same with 3d studio max and I have finally got something that is reasonable to show. I've already read up a lot on modelling, but i still think i'm lacking knowledge...
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    sketchy nightelfish dude

    I felt like drawing something again. Now i'm gonna try to shade this realistically but i don't know where and how to start. So if you got some pointers, go ahead and share them. Like you david for example, i see you're quite good at it. Right now the only techique i can think of is...
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    Rippers alert!! haha

    Hehe this is funny some guys totally ripped off esf and it's model community. It's supposed to be a warcraf 3 mod of some kind look under screenshots and then check their credits :smile:
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    Sonic artwork

    Started and finished this tonight. I'm amazed at how fast I was able to do this. The downside is the brushing is all pretty random. But I like the pic as a whole. It's Sonic doing a kamehameha.
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    Goku vs. Tiger: ink

    Been a while since I inked a piece. I encourage criticism because I have some problems with goku's face and left leg. And please don't comment about it not being my own style... cuz it's not. it's Toriyama's style, okay? I don't need art to express my individualism i just do it for fun.
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    Me trying to shade

    Meh! I was bored... It was all done with the burn and dodge tools and I don't know who it supposed to be. But ehm I'd like some pointers from the more experienced people out here.
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    Some doodling

    To practice my Toriyama styled drawing, I thought I'd have a go at drawing some animals. Note: If you see any lines drawn that shouldn't be there, you should know that all this was drawn with blue ink, during class So all of this was on pure luck, no chance of erasing. That's also way some...
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    Eat your vegetables,kids!

    Yes bite off that brocoli's head,mmmm tasty Note: there are no toriyama based characters visible in those veges, You are imagining things, and I suggest finding a specialist to get you off your (dbz?)addiction.
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    A drawing of Pan

    It's been a long time since I posted some of my work in here due to various reasons :S But anyway post your crits.
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    4 Trans Trunkspack

    Here's an model and skin workout on 4 great trunksmodels. Any crits are welcome... credits to the esf team for the normal and ssj models and a big thanx to violator and ssj4 gogetenks for their bojacktrunks.
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    Armor gohan(W.I.P)

    Here's a little model and skin edit I did of esf's trunkshead and the armorcrillinbody of the infamous Cheeseman!! ;) I'm totally not satisfied yet with the armor and skin so I'll see to update those once in a while...
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    First model edit

    No I'm not going to release I did this just out of curiosity and for my egoistic self. So I used Smo's ssj3 goku and esf's one to come up with this little guy I obviously also "edited" the skin. SSJ 3 Goku (might even be ssj3,mystic gohan ;) )
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    Ok sprites,textures or whatever, the thing is: when I play a map with water in it or with mist (cf. namekmyst). I get the flickering triangle stuff on my screen. I thought for a moment that it was fixed, but then there just was no water. Also esf_guru has that problem so... Am I missing a...
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    First sleezy skin attempt...

    Hmmm I allmost spent more time on the layout then on the skin but anywayz here's a skin attempt (only on the head!!!mind you) of ESF's trunks so I don't deserve any critz on the model part. Just wanted to know what you guys think of it...