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  1. MickeyG

    Cool feature with powerlevels

    Hey guys, isn't it an idea to make it possible to hide your powerlevel so you can raise it at the start of a fight (if you wanna do a roleplay or something like it :P) it would be nice to be 100PL and then charge up with allot of FX,shaking and dust till your (at that moment maximum PL) i...
  2. MickeyG

    [ESF Beta FINAL] Powerlevel & some others

    Hey guys, i started playing the beta again to see how it was again.. now do i have some questions. 1. how can i change my powerlevel when playing alone (wanna test more then just the beginning state! hhaha) 2. is CTDB working in the beta or should i stop trying :P 3. i love how the new...
  3. MickeyG

    [ESF Beta FINAL] Beam Glitch

    Hey guys, i found a small glitch wich would be easy to solve i guess. when i stand on the ground, charge a beam and hold spacebar when shooting the beam the powerthing on the hands are in the wrong direction (only from the ground) A pic :) hope it is clear enough! :D ps. i posted about...
  4. MickeyG

    could not load library esf\cl_dlls\client.dll

    hello, i got a LEGAL HL1, i use steam. latest esf works.. but i wanted to play alpha and beta 1.1 again.. and i got this error.. i looked on the forum but didn't find a clear answer.. so, is this fixxable? i know its the mp3 player :O
  5. MickeyG

    could not load library esfcl_dllsclient.dll

    hello, i got a LEGAL HL1, i use steam. latest esf works.. but i wanted to play alpha and beta 1.1 again.. and i got this error.. i looked on the forum but didn't find a clear answer.. so, is this fixxable? i know its the mp3 player :O
  6. MickeyG


    hey i got some progress to, inspired by the new game Zelda:TP skinning is hard like this (milkshape, remap and paste it on the skinpicture) can someone make skinmaps for this model for me.. that would make it much easyer to skin it :O BTW does someone has tips on SKINNING the...
  7. MickeyG

    Jedi robe

    well i started modeling after i saw starwars tonight(attack of the clones).. i wanted to model clothing and maybe ill finish the head 2 :D well i got this in 30 mins C&C and when you crit.. tell me how i can fix it.. draw overs and such.. oh and does anyone has a tut how i can skin...
  8. MickeyG


    Ok i start this competition cuz im getting enough of dbz models 1000s of gokus and vegetas lets make a change.. i started this cuz i want to make a pack but i can't model.. well i dont have the time for it.. End date: Depends on the modeling speed, (i cant make a calculation now) Prize...
  9. MickeyG

    Request: Snakeway

    a map with the max length of a HL/ESF map so it must be really big! if you fall down you die (trigger hurt) but it has to be very deep..since you can throw people away with melee you can fly high up... someone that can make one?!
  10. MickeyG


    My sugestion. if you have like.. 1000PL at max you can hide it from other people 0PL woulnt kill! if you kill people you get PL offcaurse and the maxPL will raise (in this situation 1000PL will be a new PL) my suggestion is.. Powerlevel Hiding so you can come in front of a...
  11. MickeyG

    Do you have the same problem with HL2?

    ok i bought the original bronze version of hl2 in europe now the first time it installed and updated with steam.. what happends now is this.. i press hl2 dvd starts to spinn hd starts to load dvd is still spinning then it stops... and nothing.... OR some times "unable to authenticate...
  12. MickeyG

    Game mode

    Well i was tinkin of an extra game mode, Real time Pl's just like in dbz an the strength of that person... if you are intrested in a real battle just plkay this gamemode, i think it's queit cool what do ya think?
  13. MickeyG

    Samus W.I.P(not for any mod/game)

    C&C and models made by me and skinned by me
  14. MickeyG

    quick question

    how many polys/triangles can HL1 have? i have 2400 now...but thats to much :P
  15. MickeyG


    whats up with the esf irc on gamesnet... its empty :S.. no ops nothing..just "L33T_haxs" (dunno who it is) where is it?
  16. MickeyG

    might be a stupid question...(iig all team members)

    hey, esf team you guys pre released alpha 1.3 a long time ago.. is there still some way to get it? if so could you pm me or post it here.. thanks :D i know i could pm this to someone but i don't know who :P
  17. MickeyG

    might be a hard modeling question

    how do i get more skins in 1 .mdl file like green blue red yellow orange ect ect i searched!
  18. MickeyG

    Unofficial: Namek Map Contest

    the rules are: - Don't steal from others (or rip or something else) - Map must be big.. - 7 item_dragonball entities or more - 4 or more spawn points thats about it... the contest starts @ 27/11/03 or 11/27/03 (how some write it) and stoppes @ 12/12/03 all the maps will be send...
  19. MickeyG

    someone was making a sonic:

    i've been away for 2 weeks or so ..was it done, who made it and where can i find it (I searched the 7 pages) and if it wasn't released, what was the last progress.. i would like to see the model :D
  20. MickeyG

    automatic ki charge

    well my idea was... you have like "1000 ki" at the start when you shoot a beam you lose a amount of ki like now.. but now you can recharge it... i want it to charge automaticly by standing still much more realistic.. if ur ki is low.... HIDE :P