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  1. Mr. Satans


    I happened upon an old old backup CD laying around in my old computer room. Among many nostalgic pics/screens from other HL mods and the like, I rediscovered some ESF forum stuff :O 2003 ESF Forum dudes ~ Old 'Cucumba' stuff...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Just got my GF to model for my car [PICS]

    2004 Integra
  3. Mr. Satans

    Ohhh, Street Racing :/

    [BACKGROUND] Ever since I was little I loved watching racing on TV and after I got my drivers license (3 or so years ago) I have had a mad passion for driving fast. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So here I am, 19 (almost 20) years old, no job (aka no...
  4. Mr. Satans

    Intraweb (Not A Joke)

    Does anyone know where I could find a dos app. that can clear my intraweb history? If you think I am saying "intraweb" as slang for internet, I am not. I am referring to this. I need this so I can slap it on a floppy and run it as a boot disk yadda yadda.
  5. Mr. Satans

    Super Request 2000 EX

    I am in desperate need of a .wav file that I am having a huge difficulty trying to find. Remember Sega Genesis? I need a .wav of the "Seeegggaaaaa" thing when you start a game. I'd really appritiate it.
  6. Mr. Satans

    Fear of Girls

    This is very hilarious.
  7. Mr. Satans

    The MMO For Me

    Seems to me, with all of the millions of MMORPGs out there, it is difficult to find which one would suit you best. I've tried World of Warcraft, got boring after a few days. I've played Guild Wars, loved it for a long time but is now boring. I've experienced many of the "cutesie" Korean MMORPGs...
  8. Mr. Satans

    m/ DragonForce m/

    HOLY ****! I've waited FOREVER but it finally is going to happen! DragonForce is touring OUTSIDE of Europe and making stops in Canada, USA, and Australia! If there are any DF fans here, be sure to check their website and GO SEE THEM!
  9. Mr. Satans

    Is Anyone Sick Of...

    ...People whining and complaining about Microsoft just because they get viruses all the time? I have so many friends that know jack about computers and don't shut up about "OMFG MICROSOFT IS SUCH CRAP! VIRUS *BLAH BLAH BLAH* SPYWARE *BLAH BLAH BLAH*" -- Personally I haven't had a virus in...
  10. Mr. Satans

    Old? New? I don't care, it's funny as hell. This will be extremely hilarious to anyone who has played any of the Final Fantasy series (mainly FF7/FF8) You can get it faster from My FTP <-- Direct Link (RAR)
  11. Mr. Satans

    Rediscovering Nintendo <3

    The other day I decided to get rid of my PSX + Games, SNES + Games, Game Gear + Games, & Game Boys (Pocket & Color) + Games. I went to a local chain of stores called McVan's Video Games (Buy 'Em, Beat 'Em, Trade 'Em). Armed with about 4 bags of stuff (Including computer games too) I struggled...
  12. Mr. Satans

    The WoW Community At It's Best

    This is quite possibly one of the saddest things in all of human history.
  13. Mr. Satans

    Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers

    THIS IS IT! Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers is HERE! I just saw the movie after a painstaking download and I have to say it was mighty funny! I love how they made fun of the corny-ness of the real Power Rangers shows. What about you guys?
  14. Mr. Satans

    Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune

    It's been a great while since I have been to an arcade, and for many reasons. (1) The racing games, despite the eye candy, suck! (2) The fighting games are hard...because it's difficult to button mash :P (3) If they have VIRTUAL ON it is always broken However, my new college...
  15. Mr. Satans

    Dear God,

  16. Mr. Satans

    Battle Royale

    Let me just start this out with: "Amazing." I have had a few friends of mine who used to rave about the book "Battle Royale" -- I always thought they were annoying when they talked about it, but now I realize why they couldn't stop raving about it. About a week ago, I went into Barnes &...
  17. Mr. Satans

    Pentop Computer

    I just found out about this thing today and after checking out the website...WOW! I am not that impressed cuz I can figure out how it works, but that doesn't change that fact that it is really cool.
  18. Mr. Satans

    A Very Guild Wars Halloween

    After a long hiadas from Guild Wars, I decided to pop back into the game and found that they had begun a Halloween event to the game! It was/is very entertaining and quite interesting and fun to experience. There are so many wacky things going on in the major towns. Many townsfolk have been...
  19. Mr. Satans

    DVD-RW Drive Firmware

    Anyone know where the hell I can get drivers/firmware for my "HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GCA-4080N" device? I have searched google but I can't even find a manufacturer, wtf?
  20. Mr. Satans

    DVD Burning

    I need advice on what program to buy for DVD burning. Now, I don't want to burn data DVD discs, I want to be able to take things I record and save on my comp (ex. In-game footage) and be able to burn them to DVD+Rs to play on my DVD player in the living room. HOWEVER, I don't know what...