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  1. Lord Killmore

    Perfect Cell Pre-Release

    well since a lot of people are asking for the release i decided to do a pre release. THe Throw anmiations are messed up though I hope that ill have the time to fix it later or maybe someone else will do well anyway here you go Rapdishare Mirror Filefront Mirror *Thanks to TigerGEO* maybe...
  2. Lord Killmore

    Perfect Cell SDK

    :] well here ya go the SDK of my Perfect Cell model free for you to texture. check the readme file for my "plan" " well i could tell it here though xD i was thinking of using the best skin for the ESF version or make a pack with the 3 best skins later on *if acutally so many ppl will skin it...
  3. Lord Killmore

    New HD and ESF/HL got probs W00t?

    hi all . well to get straight on my problem . i got a new HD and installed steam and esf and everything and used the same drivers as i used on my older HD but now the funny thing is , when i start esf my music (mp 3 player) is messed up for some time and when i nimize and go back ingame or when...
  4. Lord Killmore

    Mr.Perfect ^^ WIP

    well yeah when i say i?m back then i AM back xD was bored this evening and started this little freak here. i?m pretty happy the way it looks so far and hope i can manage to finish him too C&C?
  5. Lord Killmore

    Everybodys Favorite skinhead ^^

    well hi at all guess who?s back ^^ wasn?t active on the forums for a long time... lost internet connection,lost pc joined the Army ^^ *german Bundeswehr if you wanna know it xD* and well had something to do to get back into modelling and here it is ^^ Credits to Davidskiwan for his...
  6. Lord Killmore

    Practice some stuff*sword inside xD*

    meh yeah i thought i could practice a bit since i didnt do much stuff lately so meh i wanted to have some fun with the 1. Zanpakutou that Ichigo gets*kinda like this one* just some skinning pracitce n stuff. only did the bumps so far though xD enjoy*large pics* Polycount is at 389 Tris...
  7. Lord Killmore

    just a custom char

    hm hey all . well i kinda felt like modelling again after my long break so well yeah i just did this dude here. still heavy WIP . c&C needed *ignore the rendering error on the neck area*
  8. Lord Killmore

    meh the GFX n00b did stuff -.-

    hm oh well needed a sig and ava for the RE: Cold Blood forums... didnt want to ask somebody so oh well...since i dont have a sig here either *old one was the NWN leader n stuff and well im not anymore the leader or team member *i use it here too. im not good at gfx so i think it kinda sux but...
  9. Lord Killmore

    Use the fork..err i mean force =P

    hey ho sup guys? didnt model anything for a looooong time but oh well i´m back again ^.^ did some custom jedi dude..nothin special . hands and the robe are still left and hair isnt the final one. well anyway C&C needed oh and maybe somebody can hook me up with some hand refs btw...
  10. Lord Killmore

    Like OMG its Sasuke this time XD*W.I.P.*

    well yeah new stuff again ^_^ here´s my Sasuke WIP . i was goin for alpha mapped hair as you can see on the front hair though i dont know for sure how i should build the back part of the hair. alphamaped or not . and if alphamapped then how?and if normal well... anyway as you can see i...
  11. Lord Killmore

    Like OMG it´s Lee XD

    well yeah some new stuff from me . Lee in his normal form and with the opened gater. hair reflection looks funny in renders but goog ingame XD enjoy
  12. Lord Killmore

    Goku W.I.P.

    well yeah its been a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time since i did my last DBZ model well still a WIP and i´ll do a ssj version too C&C needed
  13. Lord Killmore

    me is bored *Katana*

    well i was just bored like hell and did this polycount is 617 no special design or something just a good ol´simple katana i suck at skinning weps so i wont skin it but if anybody wanna skinmap/skin it just tell me. it wasnt actually planned for NS or any other game i just did it...
  14. Lord Killmore

    [NWN] Momochi Zabuza

    well here ya go ! i think it turned out pretty good enjoy: C&C??? notice : it is NOT for ESF
  15. Lord Killmore

    Powerup.wrl ?

    well i was wondering for what this file was implentes . i know what it does and stuff i changed it multiple times to make a funny looking powerup aura but why is it in the game? i didn´t see that it has any use "till now" and if it has which on e? stupid quesiotn from me you can kill me now
  16. Lord Killmore

    What´s after 1.2?

    HI!it´s me again with a stupid question ;) wel i was just wondering what will the team ddo after 1.2 is released? are you gonna enjoy your work and play 1.2 like hell or are you gonna try to fix maybe a few bugs if there are any in or are you starting on 1.3 right away?or just taking a break...
  17. Lord Killmore

    ESF 1.2 mirrors

    well i was just interested: do you guys already have some mirrors ready when it´ll be done? i mean it would be bad if yoou are done and would only have 1-2 mirrors. well i think esf stuff and esf world are in . but got any else ready? (hope your not gonna close this one since it´s a...
  18. Lord Killmore

    ESF 1.2 bones

    yeah and nother stupid question from the stupid lord killmore ;) well i just wanted to know are u using the same bones on 1.2 as on 1.1? so i mean at least the modelling stuff could already start now then well that´s all you can kill me now
  19. Lord Killmore

    Friezas Telekineses

    Yeah now the stupid question stuff starts ! even i can´t resist :laff: well i couldn´t find it in the manual so here´s tha question: is it possible to PS with friezas new attack . i mean afetr all the attack are "just" stones and would be bursted if the hit a beam and i think it´s...
  20. Lord Killmore

    Happy B-Day Nuttzy!!!!

    yeah!let´s celebrat the nuttzors B-day is today! Well best wishes from me man! WE LOVE THE NUTTZ!!! CAUSE HE´S GOOD TO US!!!