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  1. Raeku

    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

    Not sure if anyone has heard. Today is a very sad day, we woke up this morning to hear of the passing of a colossal human being, Nelson Mandela. He passed on last night at 20:50 (GMT +2) at the age of 95. May he rest in peace and may we all remember the great humanity which he embodied.
  2. Raeku

    Sig & Avatar request:

    Hey people of the art world! I require your assistance. I need a new avatar and signature... I haven't changed mine in years. Restrictions: None What I'm aiming for... think anything close to what my current avatar looks like. (I like dark). I'm open to anything though.
  3. Raeku

    IRB Rugby World Cup 2011

    Hey Everyone! Anyone else here supporters of Rugby??
  4. Raeku

    ITS A BOY!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share the good news with you. My baby boy, Alexander, was born on the 20th April @ 21:58 (GMT +2). He weighed in at 2.82Kg & was 54cm from head to toes. I'ma post a pic later today. :D
  5. Raeku

    What Happening Here?

    WoWzorz! Haven't been here in freaking ages! :fight: Its good to see the community is still alive.. I see nothings changed. Kaination is still losing weight, the PR guys (ex?) are still getting fired and banned (i think), sub is still... well.. sub.. So then I guess I need a recap. Who is who...
  6. Raeku

    Question: (End of the ESF Forums fan fic)

    A very long time ago there was an epic FanFic written by a man named "|Smith" (spelling?) and of course our favorite big green Cucumba. It was all about some crazy Tri-pods under the control of a "virus - Smith" causing havoc in the forum world and the forum staff (Admins and Moderators) and...
  7. Raeku

    Exhange to Dominos

    Good morning people, So I've got the very interesting job of trying to find a way to port our Exchange databases over to a Domino server for Lotus Notes. Honestly, I'm completely and utterly useless on anything Lotus Notes related as we just don't use it down here in our part of "Africa". Our...
  8. Raeku

    3G HSDPA; Exchange

    Good day people! I'm having an incredibly annoying problem with my 3G HSDPA card and the Exchange server. My 3G connection, although it is connected and working fine, is unable to connect to the exchange server and get my emails. When I'm in the office on the LAN I can connect to the exchange...
  9. Raeku

    IRB Rugby World Cup

    Its finally over! What a brilliant IRB World Cup, Hats off to England for giving their all in the final. Anyone here big Rugby supporters??
  10. Raeku

    Happy Birthday Donnie!!!

    Happy Birthday Donnierisk!!! Saweet 16th!!!! Hope you enjoy it tons, get l337 presents and don't drink at all, cause you're not legal yet. Enjoy ;) (damn its hard finding good looking woman on the internet who actually have clothes on, you better like her, cause it took me 30...
  11. Raeku


    MERRY CHRISTMAS Made by donnierisk & Myself for all you great people here at ESF. Not our best work, but something specially made for the holiday season. Hope you enjoy! ps. Thank you FF|Skyrider for hosting the map. :yes:
  12. Raeku

    Sig request.

    After looking at my old avatar + sig I new it was time for a change. So.. Im asking all the ESF Forum artists if they would be so kind as to make me a new sig + avatar. Theme: Death like. Colours: Green and Black Pictures: Grim Reaper/Vampires/Anything representing evil or death...
  13. Raeku

    ESF Server for SA!

    A while ago I begged everyone to help us get a server for South-Africa. Our only real option was to play on my ADSL connection or on a 350 ping euro server. Today SGS (our very kewl gaming server provider) decided to host us a little server! I cant believe how awesome this is! If you guys get...
  14. Raeku

    Korins Tower.

    Im busy with a map based on Korins Tower. I have been looking for refs everywhere and I can only find a pic of a part of the tower.. and that is rather a small pic. Could someone please help me with refs or a link to a good site? Thanks in advance.
  15. Raeku

    Need support!

    Donnierisk and I have created a clan a while ago thinking that it would be the two of us.. we where horribly wrong and our clan has grown a little bit. We have contacted our biggest ISP and game supporter ( and asked them if they would be willing to host a server for us...
  16. Raeku

    OMFG its KidBoys Bday!

    Happy Birthday Sex god! I dont have a piccy for you, but I'll make up for it later tonight.
  17. Raeku

    Nationstates.. again..

    Has anyone here bothered to keep their own nation running? I started a new nation the other day when I was bored.. Ive forgoten how much fun it is running a small nation and being able to do whatever I want with no consequenses (sp?). So post your nation and region here: Nation...
  18. Raeku

    OMG Donnierisk!

    Happy bday buddy! Hope you enjoy it and do all those bad stuff... I've even got a present for you, but youre going to have to wait a little while longer for it though. =p
  19. Raeku

    Sig request.

    I changed my nick from GrimReaper to Raeku, and decided that I could do with a new sig and maybe avatar. Would someone mind helping me out. I want a blueish sig with Vegeta and Trunks on it facing eich other or ussj Trunks in the middle. I'll try to find decent pics, but I dont know all...
  20. Raeku

    Happy bday FP and Growler!

    Happy birthday! Have a good one and all the usuall stuff... Now that your both 18 you can go get drunk legaly. Thats if the limit over there is the same as over here.