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    "Science Saved My Soul" - Video

    Here are some of my recommendations, if you're interested: Neil deGrasse Tyson: Carl Sagan: Jacob Bronowski...
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    New music thread, yo.
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    I want to play the open beta but...

    From the official Facebook profile: Source: Here's the official website -
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    Quick question about video conversion etc etc.

    Windows Movie Maker.
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    What is the best defragmenter?
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    New music thread, yo.
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    Burning Sky

    "My Wings" by Lacuna Coil:
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    MDL Viewer

    The Source SDK comes with a model viewer. It's free and recommended by Valve, but it doesn't come with the Source SDK.
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    The Free and Paid Game/MMO list

    Acclaim Games is no more: Source: Fortunately, 9Dragons (the first MMO I ever played and one of my favorites) was spared: Source...
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    Nice Game screenies
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 8/22/10
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    Sig of the Week : VII

    My vote goes to Viper. While I don't like the text, the background flows well with the render.
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    Non-Steam Half-Life

    Game box? I think they meant the jewel case. The cd-key should be printed on the front of the front cover in the jewel case.
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    New music thread, yo.
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    Legality Issues

    In most cases, you will be sent a cease and desist request by the copyright holder. However, if you ignore the request, then you will most likely be sued.
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    Operation Iraqi Freedom Officially Ending

    Here's an excerpt: Source: Discuss.
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    New music thread, yo.
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    New music thread, yo. Awesome song.
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    What's will happen to the ESF team after you guys finish 1.3?

    I remember it being mentioned earlier this year or late last year that the team has another project planned.