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  1. Raven

    Refereces: Kai World

    I am looking for good, high resolution references from the world of the kai planet. We were going to test some lighting for that map and I could you everything you guys can give us. I am talking about the planet that the old Kai lives on and SSJ3 Goku fought Kidbuu.
  2. Raven

    Happy Birthday KAMA

    Happy Birthday KAMA have a great day and know that we think about you :love:
  3. Raven

    Happy Birthday Harsens

    Happy Birthday Harsens have a good one :-)
  4. Raven

    Happy Birthday Dalte and Nobody

    Have a good one and lots of presents my fellow teammates :-) let's see who likes you too :love:
  5. Raven

    Half Life 1 for ~1,99

    This is the chance for all the non-steam users to actually aquire a legal version, just reminding ppl that it's on sale for the next 24h.
  6. Raven

    POTW: 23.05.2010

    Well better late than never I guess: featuring the w.i.p. map of our new guy "Nobody" :-) discuss.
  7. Raven

    Who is from around London ?

    Hey guys, I'll be making a trip to London between the June the 4th and the 7th any one from London or around that can give me some Tipps on good clubs and locations that I need to see ?
  8. Raven

    Word Perfect to Microsoft Word 2007

    Hey guys. I got some very ancient documents I wrote more than 10 years ago with Word Perfect from Corel if I remember correctly. But these days I'm on MS Office 2007. Do any of you know any good converters that can handle e.g. wps or wpd documents ? preferably no shareware pls. :yes: *yes: the...
  9. Raven

    Happy Birthday Dalte

    Happy Birthday dude, have a good one and get busy again soon ;-)
  10. Raven

    Happy Birthday Showster

    Happy Birthday Showster, hope you got time to celebrate with all the work etc. Eat some cake, it's good for you :yes:
  11. Raven

    Trailer: The Hunt For Gollum

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  12. Raven

    LotR. BfMe2 + RotW + RJMod: looking for players

    Hey me and LoD are looking for some guys to join us for a match or two in Lord of the Rings: battle for MiddleEarth2 + Raise of the Witch King + RJ-Mod any of you out there. We're playing over Hamashi btw.
  13. Raven

    ECX: How to create a new character ( CCI + Tutorial )

    I guess since I am an ECX developer and we are allowed to show off things that are related to the Addon I will introduce this to you as well as some people might be interested in that. Some time ago we created the so called CCI for ECX. What is the CCI ? The Core Compiler Interface is a...
  14. Raven

    Swoop Fx suggestion

    I know that this has been suggested before, but since no one really saw it ingame I wanted to demonstrate it with this video. A fov change and speed lines in straight swoop. Even though i did this for ecx I encountered some problems with the smoothness I could only achieve by putting this thing...
  15. Raven

    SZ_GetSpace: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo

    Well,I tried to set up a dedicated server for the openbeta of jan 20th '07 but with no luck. The Server itself runs fine, the problem is everytime I try to connect to it I get SZ_GetSpace: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo spamage in my console. I'm running it on linux without Metamod or AMXX. This Error...
  16. Raven

    Linux Server Pls

    Pls compile a linux server file so people like me could set up a dedicated server.
  17. Raven

    N00b / Non-N00b / Pro - European Servers

    Hello again everybody. When I played on my servers every now and then, I realized that there's gotta be a change in at least some of them. When I was hoping to play versus skiled players and my servers were full of N00b I was often dissapointed and the other way'round I hearded lots of N00b...
  18. Raven

    ESF-World Stats System BETA powered by Corona-Bytes.NET

    Here is the Link CLICK HERE C&C are welcome
  19. Raven

    Plugin: Taunts

    >> Plugin : Taunts - Download >> Taunts: This plugin provides the default ESF with Taunts. 2 Taunts for each character by default - expandable. >> Useage: Use the command "taunt" >> Config You can add taunts and configure them, by editing...
  20. Raven

    PLUGINS: Kaioken Effect, Explosions, Bounce, Jump Dust

    Plugins! 1. Kaioken Effect 2. Explosions 3. Bounce 4. Jump Dust 5. Impact Dust 6. Coming Soon ( Water Impact Splash ) - 1. Kaioken Effect This provides you with a cool Kaioken Attack Effect for the Character Goku. To use the Kaioken Effect make you you are Goku and non...