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  1. Raven

    Wheres_; Looking to contribute, again.

    As I see it. Dalte and Darktooth are currently the ones in charge of that. So I suggest you send them a pm. Other than that we are usually on Teamspeak Sunday GMT+1 or some of us on discord. Last but not least the whole team is communication via "Telegram" by phone in our own group. Sry, for the...
  2. Raven

    Do you think the mod will be finished before 2020? (for devs)

    since the devs can answer closed threads as well. I think the question is answered. Other than that : It will be done when it's done.
  3. Raven

    Herd a rumor about a possible Xmass video? ;)

    Where did you hear that rumor ?
  4. Raven

    Install and play open beta

    yes, ECX RC2 is specifically meant for ESF 1.2.3
  5. Raven

    Earth's Special Forces for mac?

    the google is awesome and it will help you for sure :-) you are welcome :yes:
  6. Raven

    Earth's Special Forces for mac?

    check this out: there is a place where you can just type in any question and you will find most likely an answer it's the latest thing here in europe :-) Check this
  7. Raven

    Earth's Special Forces for mac?

    how about some screenshots and a bulleting list witht he steps :-) ?
  8. Raven

    Earth's Special Forces for mac?

    thx for letting us know you answered your own question, but how about sharing the information how you did it with the community incase somebody else wants to know how to do it?
  9. Raven

    To the creators of ESF

    We will bring that topic up on our next meeting to see if there is someone volunteering on keeping the site up to date, otherwise we will have switch to a static site due to lack of resources. If there is anybody with experience volunteering for the job, he can apply anytime.
  10. Raven

    When the game is released .....

    well, the team will certainly open a server or two, but by "we" you mean you will open one as well and pay money for it if neccessary?
  11. Raven

    Please make NEW Xmas or New Years trailer !!!

    who is everyone? so far you are the only one posted a request...
  12. Raven

    Android 16 Wip tips

    it's not really a limit. More of a guideline.
  13. Raven

    Android 16 Wip tips

    Ok here are the facts again: Due to the renderer materials that use either alpha-transparency or alpha-test transparency need to have their own materials. They must be separated from the other materials. We usually use one material (including diffuse, normal and spec) for the everything but...
  14. Raven

    Android 16 Wip tips

    ESF usually uses a single 2048x2048 map for diffuse, normal and specular, try to fit everything on there except things that require alpha-transparency, that stuff needs to go on a separate material.
  15. Raven

    Android 16 Wip tips

    Nah in your case a normal map should be perfectly fine for muscles and texture structures :-)
  16. Raven

    A blast from the past -- Ancient ESF stuff inside

    Which one was that ?
  17. Raven

    oculus rift

    That is true, for money. However feel free to send us food e.g.
  18. Raven

    oculus rift

    did I mention we ain't got any money? let me quote myself There you go :-) So unless someone sends them over, we can't evaluate it.
  19. Raven

    oculus rift

    We could probably evaluate it. Can u please send us 3 to 5 pieces over here so we can get going? As you know we ain't got any money.