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  1. Painkiller

    Games. New gamepad

    Hello again! I recently bought a new gamepad, which I would like to use on my PC. I've already played Naruto Ultimate ninja storm (or something). I'd like some advice. Can you tell me some good games for gamepad? Any games are acceptable. I believe there isn't a game I can't run.
  2. Painkiller

    Test Drive unlimited 2 Buy or not?

    Hey, guys! I 've been away for quite a while. Now I am wondering if I should buy Test Drive Unlimited 2 or not. I've been playing it without steam till now and I must say I like it very much, though that doesn't allow most of the game, which means no multiplayer. Okay.. that sucks. It's 20 euro...
  3. Painkiller

    Drawing, again.

    Since my old thread seems to be closed for some reason I decided to open a new one. So how about this. I was bored at school today and did this in my Bulgarian class. Hadn't drawn anything in some time, so how's this? Comment, please.
  4. Painkiller

    Vocal Scream

    Hey guys. Could you tell me the correct tehnique to scream like BFMV's vocalist?
  5. Painkiller

    Dragons based game

    Hello. I'm looking for a dragon based game. Something like The I of The Dragon, but if possible to support multiplayer. Thanks in advance! : )
  6. Painkiller

    Holy Pianos! New Song! I'd like some comments and rates. Opinion anytime : )
  7. Painkiller

    GPS Navigator

    Hi, guys. Not sure if this is legal or not. I have Triple Gold navigator with screen size: screen_x=320 screen_y=240 I 'd like to ask you guys for igo 8 navigation software or however it's supposed to be called. New maps and the newest software that would run there.
  8. Painkiller

    Another song : ) This one's rather short. Overall fail, since I made a few transition mistakes : ( Anyway, I think it's not all that bad. At some points better than the last one. Failed at the solo again xD. Anyway, I'ma do better next time.
  9. Painkiller

    Uh... A new song I did. Comment
  10. Painkiller

    My paintings

    I guess I hit my head and felt like painting. Don't ask. Was bored of the usual Naruto so I made him a beauty. Did this at school, musics class. This is from today. Another thing. This tme out of my mind: I'd like to have your opinion : )
  11. Painkiller

    Looking for FPS games

    Okay. My dad needs FPS games which will run on his pc. I don't want any joke posts, please. Put some effort in it. 800 mhz CPU 64 video and 128 ram (or 256, not sure)
  12. Painkiller

    Boss ME 25 or else?

    BOSS ME-25 is what I'm looking forward to. I saw a few vids on Youtube, checked out other people's opinion, but I'm still not sure... Can I find something better for that price? It's about 180 euro in my country. My old Korgax5g died D:
  13. Painkiller

    Happy Birthday Sting!

    Happy birthday dude :) I wish you well Have a niec one!
  14. Painkiller

    Need help, QUICK!

    I just witnessed my mom being pushed and hit by her new husband. My sister tells me I should do something to help BUT HOW THE **** SHOULD I HELP!? They're still going on about this. Tell me what the **** should I do?!
  15. Painkiller

    Acoustic guitar Intro I recorded this yesterday. Tell me wut you think
  16. Painkiller

    Half-life Model limit, maps

    hey guys. What'll happen if one makes a model that is as big as a map, which has A **** LOAD of brushes and things. You put it in hammer and what do you get? Will that work on ESF or will the limit apply?
  17. Painkiller

    [Request] Goku's house models

    Hey guys. Can you help me out to find Goku's house models that I could use? Something similar to this I suppose
  18. Painkiller

    2 internet connections depend on one another for no reason?

    Hey guys -.- I've had this problem from quite a while now. I'd really like to get some help about this :) You see, my sister moved to her boyfriend's house a while ago. Her boyfriend gives internet to his neighbors and they pay him for it. And from some time now when he or his neighbors start...
  19. Painkiller

    Bye, Bye!

    Bye guys :) My internet's going to go off in about 2 hours. Not going to have internet for atleast 1.5 weeks. @certain people, Hope you Njoy me being gone.
  20. Painkiller

    Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

    Can you guys by chance tell me any good maps? I would like some Dota-like maps or anime/arena or something. Thanks in advance :) If possible not TD or Footmen