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    Beams crashing with bots? help!

    Hi everyone. Well i have had this problem ever since i started playing esf 1.2, every time i shoot a beam (fully charged) at a bot, the game will freeze and then tells me to end task. well i then upgraded to 1.2.2, this still happens, and then i upgraded to 1.2.3, but nothing (due to it...
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    Perfect Cell WIP

    I started him last night, here is what i have so far.
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    new modelℑ=untitled7gq.jpgℑ=fgf3fc.jpgℑ=dv3jz.jpg tell me what ya think, i am now just fixing it up, i didnt stay true to my ref images >_< but i think it came out ok
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    new yet old skin posted this a few weeks ago ithink, but it was to dark to see, hope you like it. sephiroth_nightmare
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    some guy WIP

    this is a test of my skinning skills/modeling skills. am skinning the sholders/pants now so i will post an update later. thanks Sephiroth_nightmare
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    Is this ssj1 hair right? just thought i would show the side view of ssj1 gokus hair, i will show the rest of the model later on, i just want to know is th hair looking right from the side?
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    gohan normal/ssj/ssj2 wip

    i started working on these models the other night, and this is what i have so far, Normal smooth shaded and flat shaded ssj 2 smooth shaded and flat shaded...
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    Happy b-day almightah gir!!!!

    just wanted to wish him a happy b-day, happy 19th bud, hope you have a good one (if a thread for this was already made,please lock it this one)
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    Scorpion WIP just thought i would post my newest model. i would make the head now but i am dieing of the flu >_< hope you like sephiroth_nightmare p.s (i havnt snaped it together yet)
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    Android 17 WIP sorry for the poor render >_< am not use to rendering in max>_< err what to say.. modeled in max thats it really heh C&C welcome
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    my first attempt at 3dsmax

    ok well i followed a good tut so i am getting the hang of it... this is the first time i have used all the tol avalible to box modeling in max (cut, slice plane etc) the model is ment to be a low poly lara croft, (i followed a tut to make it)...
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    Tien WIP

    almost done, just got to finish the head am making this for the 1.3 comp hope ya like C&C are welcome am going for about 2500 polys (atm its 2292>_<) once am done, i am going to skin it, but i cant animate very well so am stuck...
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    Aliens:Global Marines-Models WIP these are the models i have been doing for my own mod which i started along time ago
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    well, bye guys its been fun...

    well its been fun guys but i got to go.... i messed up with my collage exams and failed, now am in trouble not only with my perants but with the collage teachers, (i have to resit the hole course again so i wont have time to be here any more, so cya guys good luck to you all. ssj Nathan...
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    its been along time since i posted anywork,.,.,

    my new/old models C&C welcome but that sephiroth model and skin is 100%complete (thats an old piccy on my site...) some good crits from modelers will be good =p
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    ermm something wired is going on with my map>_<

    ok i have just getting into my map of dying namek, but when i apply the textures from the namek guru.WAD it always goes wired and gets errors in it(like if i go to move the texture the thing will go white(like it has deleted the texture) thats one of the things that is bugging me>_< the next...
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    Weighted training before a game starts

    i just watched the world tornement saga(or how ever it is spelt) and i saw goku training with the weights(on his arms and legs) i thought to my self this would be a good idea for a new mode for esf. say u are bored with ctdb or team deathmatch thing. this will be good because you could...
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    Goku&vegeta+skeleton=new fusion^_^

    i had this idea about 20 mins ago so i got to work and assigned this vegeta model to the BIP 01 bone on goku's skeleton at first i just wanted vegeta to come in at the trans but i thought that this would only be possible if i could make a sub model(which i cant>_<) so i compiled it and got...
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    MY tien model

    ok i made this bit of him. its crap not as good as nuttzys so am not going to finish him because there is no need>_< u can crit it if ya like, i may not finish him scince nuttzy beat me to modeling tien lol but if any modelers would like to finish him they can say here in this thread or pm me...
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    majin vegeta WIP

    ok here is my new pbp model of majin vegetas torso that i have done in 25 mins :p NOTE! that i am posting flat shaded pics that means U ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CLONE COPY OR DUPLETECATE THE MODEL>_<! here is some piccys sorry for the bad pic hope ya like it crits welcome