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    Crysis Closed Beta I got in and played it. Has anyone else gotten in?
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    Potential Cure for HIV?,23599,21987942-2,00.html
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    Deserves their own thread: Hilarious HP Spoofs

    I found these the other day and thought they were hilarious. They're hilarious Harry Potter spoofs by a group called French and Saunders, I guess. Some of the voices sound almost authentic and some of the people look actually like they're out of the movie (Snape was hilarious). In the second...
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    Starcraft 2 --- Confirmed (?) ;)
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    Hmmm.. fallout ... 3 :o
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    Man regrows finger?

    .. and it's better than his original?
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    Ebay auction ever piss you off?

    Then sue them! Basically, two women bought two phones for ~450 and the seller sent them two photos of the phones. So... they sued her. Did they win? How much did they get? You'll find out ;).
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    For those who like Spore... 8 page interview with Will Wright. Also, funny comic:
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    Wireless Charging - Only $49 Heh, that's pretty neat.
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    Anna Nicole Smith dead,0,595798.story Eh, 39 is pretty young.
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    Wewt wewt, Starcraft 2?
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    Forum Game: The Deadly Unknown!

    Alright, it's just something I saw when lurking in another forum. Basically, I state a situation, and you foil it to be something bad/dangerous. ... and so on. So.. I'll begin! <hr> I'm downloading a file.
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    ESF Open Beta? I Believe So! Happy New Year indeed!
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    Cure to diabetes in sight? Sounds promising.
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    Star trek Legacy

    Welp, I've been playing this for a little bit lately, and it's pretty fun. It's basically a new star ship controlling game, like Bridge Commander, but with much better graphics and a little bit less control. More shots:
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    New Stargate Worlds (MMORPG) Screenshots Looks pretty awesome :yes: :yes:.
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    HL2 Ep2 Delayed Again
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    Old images (?), still funneh!

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    For those who worried about Vista licensing...
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    More Diablo 3 Rumors