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    F2P mmorpg's?

    I havent played a good MMO in a while does anyone know any good F2P mmorpg's?
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    Force Mod II

    Can somone help me? because whenever i try to play this mod i always get something like this "user interface 7, Required 6" the reason I posted this here is because the forums for this game changed to force mod III and they wont help me witht his one. EDIT : Nevermind i fixed it can this...
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    Mozilla Firefox

    Question..... uhm... is mozilla firefox supposed to self install itself onto my computer??!?
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    Star Wars KotOR II TSL

    OK this time its a real problem. ok so i just killedmaster vrook and i went to the Ebon Hawk. i travel to dxun and roamed around for 10 mins looking for where I had to go next. after the 10 minutes I saved and shut off the comp becaus ei had family members visiting ( non none of them touched the...
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    ECX RC2?

    Does anyone know where I can download this? because I have seen it somewhere in the forums in the past and now I cant fine it. * sorry if i wasn't allowd to post this here*
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    Star wars Knight of the Old Republic

    I have a problem.... I can't fine the Game Options older for the game where is it supposed to be? plz help EDIT ~ Sorry i meant for the title to be Star wars Knights of the Old rebublic II The Sith Lords
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    Same problem

    ok so once aghain im getting spammed with things such as you have trojan and spyware on your computer. I kept in mind not to lcick on icons that atre spamming me but this time my internet homepage changed to a anti virus website that gives me reccoomendatioons not im starting to worry =\ what...
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    How do I get RAM??

    Yea I know this guy is such a NOOB but seriosley how do I get more RAM? iim a uber noob when it comes to stuff like this. please help :(
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    Darth Revan vs Darth Nihilus

    Who do you think is better overall and why? also who do you think would win in a fight? I say Revan because he led 1/3 of the rebublic army into the mandalorian wars and defeated them, Came back and he was at the head of a HUGE invasion fleet, after that he almost had the galaxy by the throat...
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    Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    Does anyone still watch this show? I do, I think its halarious like this scene from the episode where ashley almost became a model xD
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    Final Fantasy XIII

    Ok so I just finished watching thr trailer for final fantasy XIII and I think its going to be SWEET!!!! cant wait for it. Link - OH sweet Aunt May is that a gunblade I see?!?!
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    post the wierdest, coolest, or scariest dream/nightmare you have had

    the wierdest nightmare I had was the i had a dream about spiderman 3. I see scenes of spidey swinging from building to building and hes gone. A couple seconds later the worlds gets invaded by alien like robots that attack New York city first. apperently there was a map that let me know where and...
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    I have proof that naruto Rise of a Ninja only goes to episod 80

    Link -
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    Tell me this

    whats the point of getting a PS3 if almost all the game or all of the game on PS3 are being ported to other systems like 360??
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    Post your favorite anime song opening / closing

    my favorite opening it invoke from GUNDAM SEED And my Favorite cloeing song is Shootiing Star from naruto shipuudden you can...
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    Me playing as venom is spiderman 3 for the ps2!

    sweet aint it? ;)
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    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic problem

    Ok so i found the starmap of kashyyk and im headiing to the czerka dock. when I go through the gate ot the dock the screen is black and all I can see is the cursor. I press tab( the button that switches char's) and I can still hear the parties voices. also I can hear wookie growl's and blaster...
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    my tenkaichi 2 screenies

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    PS3 or Xbox 360?

    Which console would you reccomend to a 14 year old boy? I really can't decide because both systems have great game coming out or great games that are already out. the thing is im more of a ps3 fan but it costs twice as much as the 360 but the 360 is cool aswell.
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    Spyware + trojan

    ok so when I got on my comp this afternoob i was getting spammed with things like " you have a severe spyware virus on your computer click this icon to download antivirus software to get rid of it." so I download it and it starts to scan my computer. after 30 mins of scanning it tells me I have...