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    A videogame I am working on. It's very WIP right now. I'm playing as the guy in red fighting against the purple guy. There are two ways to damage your opponent 1) Melee. When two players collide, a melee collision occurs. The winner is whoever was moving faster in their opponents...
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    Sub's Special Forces

    There's a game engine out there called Unity3D. They released an update yesterday adding official 2D support, and I've decided to give learning it a go by making a 2D pseudo Earth's Special Forces. I spent a good part of today playing around in it, trying to learn the workflow and how to do...
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    We're doing this. Tell all your friends
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    Its been almost 5 years since the last annual Earth's Special Forces tournament, the 7,496th. Based on that tournaments overwhelming success, we've decided to start our own league for everyone to enjoy. The website is coming soon, but we're planning on calling it ESFLeague(™). This new...
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    I hate Google+

    I seriously hate Google+. It merges every google account into one entity, and randomly posts shit you do into your google+ page. I don't want any of that shit posted and seen by friends / family who I email or whatever. So I deleted my Google+ account, which in turn also disables your youtube...
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    If anyone wants to help me design a game I'm trying to make, hit me up on Steam

    I don't expect to get any hits from t his, but seriously, I'm trying to design this right now and it'd be a great help having someone to talk to. It's a PC turn based strategy game based on what is in my mind a pretty unique idea.
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    Total War: Rome II, *****es

    It's coming out at 3 o' clock eastern tonight. How cool is that?
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    2d space game

    Q: Sub! Why'd you make this topic?? I'm sure I'll regret this later, but I've started work on what I'm going to lovingly refer to as a 2d space game. I've been learning to program for a while now, and I enjoy it enough that I'm going to eventually transition into being a professional web...
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    10 Year Club Party

    All right guys. I just realized that I've been registered on these forums for 10 years now. I also just became a super mod or something, I'm not sure I wasn't really paying attention. And hey, it's my birthday today too. What I'm trying to say is that I'm pretty sure there's an official...
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    I endorse this game, everyone should check it out. The trailer on Steam does a much better job of explaining the game than I ever will. I'm about an hour and a half in, and I have no idea how long it is, but I'd say it's...
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    Awake at sea

    One --- edit --- Two --- edit --- Three -- Four -- Five
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    It's been 9 years and 2 days since the last major release of ESF

    1.2 was released on May 8, 2004.
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    I want to retire at 30 This guy retired at 30, he's 39 now. He lives on around 25,000 a year from renting his house / investments. I think I want to do this.
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    Found this great new gem -- Gangnam Style

    Actually he has a new single out now apparently.
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    Public Service Announcement

    I've just been promoted to masters in Starcraft II. Masters means that the system thinks you're in the top 2% of the player base. I encourage you to tell all your friends. My friend Shadi points out that this happened AFTER I accepted Satan as my lord and master. Praise be to His name.
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    Age of Empires II: HD

    So this game just came out. I think if enough of you guys have the game, we should do some team games. Maybe some 2 v 2's or something. Whose down?
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    Petition for a new playable character

    We need to add Satan to the game. He can be unlockable if you guys are super opposed, but he needs to be in the game.
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    I need to replace my motherboard

    I need to replace my motherboard because it's evil and possessed. The problem is, I have no idea what motherboard to get that would be compatible with the parts I have. The motherboard I have right now is discontinued. My specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T HDD: SATA-III Ram: DDR 3...
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