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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Horatio isn't global ignored anymore monkaS
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    Round avatars are kind of whack, I don't agree with the default style to make them round but I'm up for allowing gif avatars for transparent backgrounds for those who want a round picture.
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    sky sux

    sky sux
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    I like the new forum

    hell yeah
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    I like the new forum

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    This game will never be released...

    What a new and refreshing subject.
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    Is the first developer of Earth special forces here with us?

    Spin was just Spin but Phrack has been around for just as long and did a red saiyan remake site years ago.
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    Esf 1.0 Releasedate

    I closed your last thread for a reason. I'm giving you an infraction, if you create another thread like this then I won't hesitate to just ban you next time.
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    Esf 1.0 Releasedate

    Closing for obvious reasons.
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    To discuss this project ESF: Final 1.0

    Just for clarification, the date was a goal, not a confirmed release date. This thread isn't constructive at all and just leads to nothing good. Closing this.
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    Is the first developer of Earth special forces here with us?

    Mastasurf founded ESF and is still working on the mod (though he doesn't post much on the forums). Besides that, I think the next oldest person on the tema who is still working on ESF is Darktooth who joined the team sometime in 2002 I believe.
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    Sub's coding pool party

    That actually looks awesome, I'm glad you figured out how to make it work. Are you still coding this in C++ or a different language?
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    I got banned from the Discord server

    I don't see any logs for your ban but I'm going to assume that you were banned for excessive profanity, spam, and posting NSFW emojis. Looking at the deleted messages I'm reading, it doesn't surprise me that you were banned. I don't know who banned you but I'm assuming it was Sky. I doubt he'll...
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    Possible Half-Life 3 Plot Summary Released Looking at the comments, his NDA went up and he said **** it and released the summary. Looks like his site is down but there's a link to a pastebin with it in the comments.
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    Refreshing the flesh of Z Warriors

    A lot of people use programs like 3dsmax and Maya now, especially because it's basically free for students (I'm pretty sure you can even claim to be a student and get it for free). Milkshape 3d can be a better program to work with if you want to do stuff mostly painlessly and quickly regarding...
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    Refreshing the flesh of Z Warriors

    It's been a really long time so my memory is a little rusty about some specific details but the end result should work. Basically you can just decompile the model that you want to re-use the animations for and import that skeleton as well as the animations on your new model. I don't know what...
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    ESFinal will be realesed as a Half-life 3 mod.

    Closing for obvious reasons.
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    A message to the admins and developers

    I don't really get the message, are you just announcing that you're back? We've allowed numerous people to come back recently but we also haven't hesitated to get rid of certain people once they began to start issues again. In short, don't cause any problems and you'll be fine. The Discord...