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  1. Damaera

    Possible Half-Life 3 Plot Summary Released Looking at the comments, his NDA went up and he said **** it and released the summary. Looks like his site is down but there's a link to a pastebin with it in the comments.
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    [Latest PotW] Discord PotW / GotW Update Post

    Hey guys, I figured I would make this thread for people who want to see content that might not use the discord server. Posting all direct links for these for the time being:
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 12/5/15

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    ESF Download Links

    Hey guys, with the main site down some people may be having trouble finding a link to download ESF. For the time being I will have this thread up containing the links that Fuzzy put together for everyone to use if they're looking to download the mod. MEGA.NZ and for those who might want to...
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    Java question

    Giving context for the question I wanted to ask in the chatbox I'm working on an assignment where I put in a number (1-25) and the program will print out the numbers starting at 1 and will also square each number as it counts up import java.util.Scanner; public class Validation {...
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    Steam Summer Sale

    The Steam summer sale is back! There are some really good games up so far, already bought Valkyria Chronicles and I'm heavily considering purchasing the LEGO Star Wars saga for $6.79.
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 11/17/14

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    Everybody loves free games!

    EA is currently giving out the first Dragon Age: Origins for free on Origin. You'll need an account and the offer is only lasting for a week, but you'll get to keep the game forever...
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    Zangyou no Terror

    Anyone been watching this lately? It's basically an anime about terrorists attacking Tokyo. It's pretty short with it being 11 episodes long, and next week being the last episode. It kind of has a vibe that reminds me a lot of Eden of the East.
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 6/10/14

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    Zelda Wii U

    Not much info about the game has been revealed, but some amazing screenshots have been released!
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 5/15/14

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    Heroes of the Storm

    If anyone doesn't know what this game is, it's basically the official Blizzard version of DOTA. If you don't know what DOTA is, I don't know what to tell you, son. Anyways, apparently have been getting invited into the Alpha (such as myself, as I just recently found out). Does anyone else...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight

    The finale is coming!
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    RIP League of Legends
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 1/5/14

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    I don't know who plays this game (if anyone), but I just got into the beta about a week ago and just started to get into playing it. If you opted in and don't have the beta yet, check your e-mails because Blizzard apparently sent the remaining invites to those who opted in. Anyways, if anyone...
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    Mosh Pit???

    Not intending to troll, genuinely curious. Where did the Mosh Pit go?
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 12/8/13

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    Stanley Parable I saw this game being streamed a few hours ago and it's both pretty ******* hilarious and interesting. This game apparently has a shit load of endigs, most of which (or all) can be found in this video: