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  1. |Overlord|

    New Swoop Idea

    Well, this idea came to me after playing Legacy of goku since I was bored. Practically, the way I see flight charging now is a bit slow. In LOG, you go around collecting flight charges. For that soul reason it made me think of this idea. When you are charging up for swoops, you should have...
  2. |Overlord|

    A few bugs

    -Ginyu's buddy fires a generic beam instead of a generic ball (which as you can see in a pick I fired a generic ball and the buddy fired a beam instead of a ball). -Spawn bug in roshi, I assume this is due to the map only having one spawn point. If other players are spawning at same/similar...
  3. |Overlord|

    A few suggestions/crits

    1. Vegeta's renzoku in it's current form seems to be overpowered, someone can create a massive ki blob and within seconds someone dies, it becoems more of a problem when people nuke it too. Also, I think it would be more useful if the blasts went in a straight line rather then being scattered...
  4. |Overlord|

    Man kills his daughter because she turned off his Xbox FFS, it was only a small child... Never knew a child that hardly knew a thing about the world would lose their life at the hands of a man and his xbox 360.
  5. |Overlord|

    Happy Birthday PiXel

    Happy birfday you seckseh talented man :O.
  6. |Overlord|

    Official Firefox Thread

    Offical Firefox thread Discussion of firefox in general, post extensions/themes and discuss firefox updates and changes etc. 21/12/06: Firefox and updates released, look here for more information. Grand Paradiso Alpha 1 (Gran Paradiso being the codename for firefox), which is...
  7. |Overlord|

    Happy Birthday core | Raven

    Enjoy you're 20th birthday :). I got you this: Look at the twins =O.
  8. |Overlord|

    Pure Pwnage Episode 12 - Game Over Ep12 isn't available for download yet officially, however can be viewed through a flash based player on the PP site. Just finished watching it, was longer then other episodes I'll let you be the judge and not post any spoilers of what happens.
  9. |Overlord|

    No POTW this week?

    Am I the only one that noticed this as of current o_o?.
  10. |Overlord|

    Ki blob tweak

    I think the blast radius from ki blobs that get nuked with a beam/ball attack should be reduced. Rather then depending on the attack itself, I think it should consist of how many ki blasts actually formed that blob or the power of the attack used to nuke (IE: how strong that attack was, how long...
  11. |Overlord|

    Firefox2: A closer look

    Update 25/10/06: Now officially released - Update: Full version has now been released (not officially until tomorrow), however you can get it early off Mozilla's ftp: Firefox 2 has been in beta...
  12. |Overlord|

    DX9L Will be DX10 for XP! Seems that you won't need vista for DX10 as some people already believe (Unless that game requires vista for other reasons).
  13. |Overlord|

    Happy Birthday Raeku

    Happy Birthday Raeku (aka Grim Reaper) Here is your women: Enjoy. Edit: Seems that web host didn't like me leaching their bandwidth, fixed now though =P.
  14. |Overlord|

    Firefox released Just installed it now, lately though Iv'e been using firefox2 beta2 and nightly builds of Minefield. I assume this may be the last 1.5.X related release before 2.0 is released.
  15. |Overlord|


    Disscuss. WHAT COUILD IT MEAN???!!!
  16. |Overlord|

    HALOGEN gets cease and desist order... This was a mod that was being developed for C&C Generals Zero Hour, and sadly microsoft has sent the dev team a cease and desist order :(. I was actually looknig forward to this mod too, since other mods for the game I have played weren't really all that...
  17. |Overlord|


    That's right, I made the thread this time =P. Wow, That's awsome. The beam didn't expldoe on impact when it killed Trunks and just went right through him. The khh sprite look nice as does the janemba map.
  18. |Overlord|

    OpenGL Now Natively Supported in Windows Vista We can only hope that Vista doesn't get any more bad publicity throughout what's left of it's delvelopment before it ships and what further decisions microsoft makes with it (or what else we hear about it). Even though it's not going to ship with...
  19. |Overlord|

    CPU & GPU On one silicon die However, it leads me to question if such a product will use up room on the processor that would otherwise be used for other processor cores.
  20. |Overlord|

    What Browser do you use?

    Title says all. What browser are you using?. People that know me best know i'm a firefox junkie (I guess people knew since I use to create firefox threads =P).