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  1. greentaco

    Razer Copperhead vs Logitech G5

    I've had a G5 for a while now and have no complaints. The newer models have two buttons on the side instead of one, so it makes forward-backward surfing easier.
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    Ha! That's what I get for never sending in a picture. You're right though Majin, those were the good times. :D
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    happy bday Rayna

    Isn't it funny how we're not noticing she could legally drink at 18? Happy birthday Rayna! Have fun driving your Peugeot while I've got my BMW! :D OT: I'll take that money! Here's your JD. :D
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    Per request, I'm closing this thread. If there is to be further discussion of this in a different thread, please be mature and civilized.
  5. greentaco

    DBZ Music

    Looks like RavenTrunks has the idea! Sorry, no discussion of pirated content. Closed.
  6. greentaco

    Brolli- Power Supressed Reference

    Might want to work on the head a bit more, from just that single ref pic it looks as if his head is a bit longer than what you have. Definitely darken the hair, it's too blue. Work on those, finish the side view and the legs, and then work on straightening the lines up. You can ignore that last...
  7. greentaco

    ESF Group Picture 2005

    Ooh ooh, add me! Why? I've been around longer than almost everyone and if you don't add me... I'll threaten you with your livelihood. :D Look down, you don't want to lose anything precious do you? ;)
  8. greentaco

    But where's Vegito?

    The different names entitle the different ways of fusion. One name is when they are bonded through earrings and the other is when they do the silly dance. I believe Vegeto comes about through the dance routine. Why won't he be included (yet)? I guess he's not high enough on the priority list to...
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    Yeah, not bad at all. I'd try working on cleaning it up and making things smoother though.
  10. greentaco

    Ion Cannon

    Heh, I like your work, and style as well. Although, it seems all to be conceptual. I like the pose, it looks as if he's being knocked back by the blast from that gianormous (it's a word, right? :D) cannon strapped to his arm. Do you use a Wacom for all of this work?
  11. greentaco


    shiny Either way this is a nice piece! If it goes no further than this, you could call it concept art for the game you're going to make someday... right? :D EDIT: Heyyy, that's a nifty little sword you've got there! Paul Chen Practical Fantasy, right? What do you use it for, a wallhanger?
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    Heh, funky samurai guy. :P Is it an original creation or a manipulation?
  13. greentaco

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

    I don't know what you guys are talking about, that game runs just fine for me... AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.5 GB PC2700 DDR 2x SATA 160 GB HDD - RAID 0 256 MB GeForceFX 5600xt :D :D I do agree, on a lower end system it doesn't run that well. Sometimes when I'm playing I'll still get lag, but you...
  14. greentaco

    .dmg files !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, you need to be running on a Macintosh system first of all. Secondly, if you are, it should have Stuffit expander on it. Drag the .dmg file over Stuffit if double-clicking doesn't open it. There may be a way to open it on PC with 7zip or some other extraction program, but I don't think so...
  15. greentaco

    OMFG - Melee Problems

    People don't really give out combos on the forums here. Just go ingame and ask for tutelage (training) from someone who's kicking butt!
  16. greentaco

    Just Wonderin

    I haven't done the sig thing in a while... maybe I could do it. Probably not though, I'm too lazy! :D
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    New blood? Welcome :o

    Ooh, have fun guys! Don't slack around too much either, grOOvy can be a mean one. ;)
  18. greentaco

    Quick Question

    First of all, go to My Computer and browse your hard drive. Get to the Windows folder, and then to the fonts folder (should be C:\WINDOWS\Fonts). Check to see that the fonts you put there are actually font files, and not zipped archives. ;) If you find the files in the folder, then either way...
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    Hahaha, I'm pretty tall and lanky, but that's just because my metabolism is probably way higher than all of yours. I eat and eat but I can't gain weight! I think dendza meant the kid in the white shirt. Either way, you guys look absolutely silly going for the 'thug' look. :D
  20. greentaco

    happy birthday niobe

    Hey, happy birthday! Good 'ol 19, not much happens at this age. I'll be 20 in Oct., not much happens when you're 20 either. :p