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  1. Alteh

    Kid gets owned by mom on WoW forum Haha. I laughed. That would be weird having your mom punish you online.
  2. Alteh

    The Urban Ninja

    Found it kinda funny.
  3. Alteh

    Optimus Keyboard This seems like a very nice keyboard. It's not out yet, but prototypes will start sometime in Fall, so I read. But I think the problems with it might be some o.l.e.d's might give out eventually. So that my be a problem. But I think the...
  4. Alteh

    Some WoW leveling guides.

    Here are some guides i've been coming across to power leveling and grinding. Top 100 mobs...
  5. Alteh

    Weird Screen

    Ok this has only happened while playing games but I'm pretty sure it will happen when not. Anyway's while I was playing bf2 my screen went to this blue screen really quick with a bunch of words and stuff but I didn't have enough time to read it. And after that it just restarts. It bugs me. This...
  6. Alteh

    Sli with dual moniters....

    Well I got two Geforce 6600 gt's with a new mothorboard and processor. everything is working but I just found out that I can't use dual moniters when in SLI mode. Does anyone know a way around it or anything? I miss using dual moniters but I also want good graphics.
  7. Alteh

    London Underground? explosions What do you think happened?
  8. Alteh

    Retro..sure still W.I.P

    sorry for all you people with small resolutions...but not really.
  9. Alteh

    Blink Look

    Ps: CS
  10. Alteh

    world of warcraft

    I downloaded the patch from a 3rd party site....and when I install it, it says World of warcraft is closing..... But than it says your game did not close "try again" or "cancel." It keeps telling me that even when the game is closed!
  11. Alteh

    help with WoW

    Help! I had to log out during an instance and now when I try and log back in it waits a while than it says no instance servers are available.
  12. Alteh

    Bite you're toungue!

    Bite you're tongue! Bite it
  13. Alteh

    Quick paints

    My eyes look weird cause i was making a weird face and because the sun was in my eyes. I messed this one all up, so not gonna finish it up. Was trying to go for a quick forest....
  14. Alteh

    N for new

    k, New vector....trying to practice with illustrator. So this was done in illustrator. I gotta also fix one of those red swirl things at the top it's too straight.
  15. Alteh

    Conan O'brian or J Leno

    yesss...Two late night hosts. I like conan better, he seems to be more funny and Leno kinda bores me.
  16. Alteh

    What are you!

    What's your backround. Im part German Irish Italian Whelsh English polish
  17. Alteh

    New sig

    ok....New sig....c&c please
  18. Alteh

    My latest...

    backround image made in Apophosys, rest was photoshop. Anything is easily changable.
  19. Alteh


    I've been workin on this all morning....and thank you orion the ideas and comments :). and ruineren for the name :). Im still open to comments and ideas for this. Anything to help will be apreciated.
  20. Alteh EMO

    TEll me some comments and what i should do to it.