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  1. Marauder


    Cool sketch,would like to see the update :D zomg naz wtfpwnz
  2. Marauder


    <3 Opti from the first pic i could recognize its you,cool work :D
  3. Marauder

    Corrupt a wish

    your wish comes true,and you spend time with your gf..and then your boss comes and you have a 3som with him O_O i wish wow was free
  4. Marauder

    Goku drawing B/W

    well hes abit fat lookin there.. and the cheeks are pointy x_x hands are nicly done though...not bad
  5. Marauder

    Ssj2 Gohan drawing.

    jaws abit out of proportions,and the neck is abit to long imo..but it looks ok
  6. Marauder

    sakura letter

    has a good feel to it,nice blending aswell good work man
  7. Marauder

    Wallpaper and sig :o

    wp looks sweet sig looks HUGE
  8. Marauder

    Wallpaper and sig :o

    wp looks sweet sig looks HUGE
  9. Marauder

    Stellar: latest Space Abstact

    to messy for space theme imo..the colors dont mach that well...for example the uper right part looks out of place... and the small planet looks way to fake.. but the other planet looks great..not to bad overall
  10. Marauder

    Drawing wip

    a lil update...changed some of the shading as tails said..added a glow(i like)..ill get to the rest of the critz u gave later,to tired atm @[email protected] thank you all,been very helpfull :) p.s i know the hair look awfull atm :S,just wanted to fill it out meanwhile,was disturbing my eye,so its...
  11. Marauder

    Drawing wip

    mm..not really asking comments about the drawing,but comments about the coloring,the drawing isnt of importence here
  12. Marauder

    Evangelion Fanart

    great sketch man..good work
  13. Marauder

    Drawing wip

    Tryout in coloring...want some tips if u guys can help.. what to add\change.. c&c welcome
  14. Marauder

    Corrupt a wish

    your wish comes true,but it runs only on windows 95 Oo i wish had a ball right now
  15. Marauder

    Eagle drawing

    its not taht its to streched,its that i didnt make it fat enaugh(as in its rather thin) and bolteh was just jokin,he gave me crtz already ;) *Snuggles german friend :P
  16. Marauder

    Eagle drawing traced aswell,just stuck my mouse on a eagles head and started drawing
  17. Marauder

    Lions and doggys a spec OH MY

    linda your funny heard about refs? so i traced from that aswell and that all traced into one pic,right? btw nice to see u didnt edit the size to make it fit exactly.. and change the lines abit aswell,wonder what else you chanegd there to make it the same.. Next thing your gonna...
  18. Marauder

    Lions and doggys a spec OH MY

    another O_O seems that its traced...
  19. Marauder

    Lions and doggys a spec OH MY

    well,im in to the animal drawings now..heh hes another abit messy around the wiskers...was hard for me ;_; if anyone has the skills for it and would like to color it idd be greatfull :P turns out they are all traced linda says
  20. Marauder

    Doggy Drawing

    well,i donno pewp about coloring,but if you guyscould give it a go it would be great ^_^