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  1. NightShade

    Solar flare glitch two

    When solar flared You can switch teams/chars without dying.
  2. NightShade

    Solar flare makes you immune to damage.

    If you get solar flared you take no damage at all when blind.
  3. NightShade

    Crashed bug found and tested

    Crash bug found and tested In a beam struggle. Holding down both mouse buttons *Default* And winning the struggle will crash the server. Also on a side note. Doing this to a non atteched beam. You are stuck in the powerstruggle after it blows up. (If you keep them held down. If you let go...
  4. NightShade

    Beam hitting.

    Not sure if this is the same as the ground hitting. Goku Number one charges a kama. I did a side swoop on him..and hit him 3 times in a row before he went flying. IF anyone else can do something like this let me know.
  5. NightShade

    Loving it. Everything. *Bug Testing Session w/ Info Inside*

    I want to start testing some of the things. Around this Thursday @ 5 pm est time. It is not to play or to get a score. Will be doing diffrent types of test. It will be boring. If you want in to help let me know in here. Btw I love the direction ESF is going. I know alot of people will whine...
  6. NightShade

    Lots seems to have happen.

    Glad to see the team is still going strong. I pop up one time was wanting to come back but computer died out. Been doing some catching up reading about the new drama...seeing open beta soon. Sounds great and even with the kick in the crouch. Glad things are going strong even with the leak...
  7. NightShade

    Devil may cry 2 or God of war.

    I will prob be getting both. Yet what one you folks think i should get first? I been playing a xbox game called XB Phantom Dust. I love this game so much. Yet i want give a break.
  8. NightShade

    my goodbye *for good this time*

    Well my life is going to be really busy. So much so that i will not be on net. I going to be on the road alot. So this is really goodbye *not one of them come back after 6 months things like i do :/* I made alot of friends over the years here. If i dont list a msg to you dont get all omg...
  9. NightShade

    Esf 1.21 tweaks and reasons?

    Well i can understand ki ball spam but... Basic melee dmg. I not only one thinking it did not needed tone down. Basic melee is what makes esf fun for alot of people. Adv melee has to many risk to use. Even with the added protection and speeding up. It still not worth it when you got a big...
  10. NightShade

    Yu-gi-oh movie woooo

    What i saw. Yu-gi-oh doing a duel vs brolly 0_0 I am a yu-gi-oh fan :p i like the card game so rawr.
  11. NightShade

    One of the best games of our time...

    is about to get better all i can say is... OMFG faster speed?!!!!!!!!! hear that sound? Thats the sound of me falling over.
  12. NightShade

    Powerlevel. Should it be more then just a marker?

    Before sonic jumps in saying look at patch notes *pulls shotgun*. I think that the powerlevel system could be alot better. Right now. Powerlevel does not increase ki at all. only when you go super. Powerlevel is your atk and defense thats pretty much it. *and powerstruggle power* The...
  13. NightShade

    OMG planetside?

    After reading about it on fileplanet that 9.99 deal. I said what the heck. I kinda had fun when i was in beta. WOW This game has changed alot. For the better also 0_o i thought i would find a dead game. Instead i found war...a very nasty wtf how did i die. Omg l33tness Did he just jump...
  14. NightShade

    For all of you who have gfs or wives

    Does your woman have a system to get you back when you tick her off? My wife plays this song over and over and it sticks to my head. My bro walked in caught me singing it and said omg she turned you ***. :/ Love at first sight remix by kylie monogue. *cries*
  15. NightShade

    Naruto 74 *lol* For all you gaara fans. I swear thats him.
  16. NightShade

    I now know what true fear is.

    I was in classes when my legs gave out from under me. Could not move them at all. Someone called 911 and had to do some tests...find out my muscles in my legs was giving out. I was shocked because this does run in my family. My uncles was not so lucky with it. But why now? The best i can hope...
  17. NightShade

    Ninja gaiden>all

    This game rocks. Has to be one of the best games i played in years. Its tough enough if i slack i will die. This is not your normal lets make a game full of blood and skip out on gameplay factor types. You like killing? Do it with style. this game limits is only by your skill. Plus Its...
  18. NightShade

    I HATE THIS!!! *yes hibiki i am grumpy again*

    Ok why in hell is it so bad to surf the net anymore. I mean i got so many ad wares i cant get rid of them all. I mean i got one that changes my homepage to its bs crap. I got another one that loves to open my cd rom. Oh i love that one. It really makes me happy to watch my cd rom open by itself...
  19. NightShade

    Email from blizzard ewww

    This World of Warcraft (WoW) Alpha Test account has been terminated based on review of the action(s) detailed above. This behavior has been deemed inappropriate for the WoW game world by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. This decision is final and cannot be overturned...
  20. NightShade

    whats the best video card out right now?

    My geforce 4 ti4600 is getting old so i want to buy a better video card. i want the best that is out. anyone know?