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  1. ace005

    Im having computah problems, can anyone help?

    okay, here's my issue For a couple of days now, my computer is messed up i tried uninstalling ie...i ended up deleting iexplore.exe still, in task manager many "iexplore.exe" sessions seem to be running, and they just increase in number. They slow down my computer really baad, so i have to open...
  2. ace005

    new sig

    what do u guyz think of my new sig?
  3. ace005


    ok, i looked in the "mega thread of bla bla" and the only skinning tut was a) not for noobs and b) not working so can someone show me a good tut for skinning?preferably for noobs
  4. ace005

    teamRAD project?

    ok, so i heard some stuff about this RAD team, who are going to make a sp player mod can anyone tell more about it pls?
  5. ace005

    Goku's attacks

    ok, so most character get more attacks when in a superior form, but Goku looses his Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) I would have suggested adding RyuKen, but it's non-cannon too bad it seems a little unfair
  6. ace005


    OK, What I'm about to tell is REAL, so nobody come to me with crap about me lyin and sutff So, My dad has a computer. I don't use it. I got myself a new one, and used dad's GENIUNE win XP professional. But he's really messy, so I had to look fo it ALOT. I found the CD, but not the cd-case, so...
  7. ace005

    Wikipedia? WTF?

    Okay, I like wikipedia. I find alot of interesting and usefull stuf over there. Alot of stuff about DBZ too... But nothing about ESF??? Why is that? I think ESF is quite big and deserves a spot in WIKIPEDIA So I tried to make a base page, and of course I will add more, and please vereybody...
  8. ace005

    Looking for a fight

    hey ppl, I'm still waiting for kaination to think of smth, and till then i want to fight somebody a noob preferably
  9. ace005

    ..define Pain

    OK, so I heard alot of things about Pain...Some ppl say he's a good guy, some ppl say he's a bad guy I just want to see YOUR definition of Pain ;)
  10. ace005

    Dog Name?

    I just got a little labrador puppy, and I want to name him..I want it to be smth from DBZ..smth funny, but not to obivous..Not goku, not gohan, not buu, not bee... Any ideeas?
  11. ace005


    I didn't have the chance to post my darkness sig, so here it is The new competition theme is minimalicity...I tried to make it look as minimal and cool as i can.. here it is.. PLEASE C&C on BOTH thank you
  12. ace005

    Forum Suggestion

    I'm not sure if it's possible with vBulletin, but maybe ya'll can add ranks. for example, at 10 Posts you're a junior, at 100 posts ur a member, at 300 posts you're an elite etc as an example, please look at this thread in a small forum of my lan...
  13. ace005

    King Kai

    Hello again. I was just wondering if someone could get some ref pics for King Kai plssss..pretty please with sugar on top:smile:
  14. ace005

    Post your ...

    Okay, this is a stupid ideea. If you are a critic or a moderator, please stop here. So you've been posting your this, your that, you desktops, now let's see you post you phone:laff: A picture with your phone (preferably open). I know not everyone has a phone or a camera to take a picture...
  15. ace005

    DBGT??? ok..look at that one.. I saw it once when I was a kid.. Back then I thought vegeta and goku were made kids in dbz, but then i saw the whole series, and that scene never happened.. now, seeing it again after 3 years, i...
  16. ace005

    Free mobile ringtones

    Hey.. I just got a new Verizon Wirelss phone, moto e815, and I don't have a data cable nor a bluetooth adaptor, so I was just wondering, if any of you guys know a site from wich you can send picture messages(mms) and such, without requiring any subscription. I found one...
  17. ace005

    my first fight

    k, so this is my first fight..I hope I'll do good... anyway, if someone here thinks he could teach me smth, please volunteer, and a ref pls!!
  18. ace005

    Stupid Forcepit question

    5$ > 10 years that mean 500 c > 10 years can I pay 50 c for 1 year? :laff:
  19. ace005

    namek, or..not namek?

    OK, so in the namek saga, we learn that all namekians have the same carachteristics right? and that they don't eat, they only drink water.. In DB, Piccolo Daimao(demon king piccolo) is tellin his chef what he likes to eat:| and his "children" don't look like namekians, except for the green...
  20. ace005

    Topping Pain :P

    I tried to make smth to top Pain, but shi ... can't do it:d **EDIT** new one