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    How to kill 20 people with a ki-blob

    Recipe : 1.Take a level with dragonballs (e.g. wubigarena) and choose Freeza. 2.Then power up to 10 Mill with the help of the dragonballs. 3.Then transform into Freeza2 and go into one of the upper corners of the level. 4.Put 20 bots into your level. 5.Press t (Turbo) and shoot 10 ki...
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    The more people the stronger the beam?

    I noticed that if there are many people in a server, a beam gets very strong. The explosion radius is enourmous. A comparison : Death ball with no bots in the server : Death ball with 20 bots in the server (10 good, 10 bad) : Death ball with 7 bots in the server (4 good, 3...
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    Esf Beta 1.1 Maps

    There are totally new maps in ESF beta 1.2. I don't have ESF beta 1.1 anymore and i want to play these maps (and I want to have dragonballs). Where can i get these maps, perhaps someone can post them here? Thank you!
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    I wanted to know, why in the sprites folder of the esf mod is a weapon_sword.txt . In the Game is no sword, so why? ;/
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    Need background song of esf clip

    There was one esf clip of vegeta in lava-pit, he shot a generic ki beam or was it a gallit gun? He jumped around and such things! I don't know more, but there was a background song in this clip! One of the devs made the clip over 1 and and a half month ago! I think perhaps it was longer ago...
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    Need Background-Music in a video clip of esf

    I search for the background music of a video-clip of esf! In this clip, there was vegeta in the map lava-pit! I can remember, that he shot a gallit-gun. He jumped around and and such things. It's not a new viedeo-clip and i can't remember, who of the devs made it! Please post, if anyone...
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    Esf Beta Progress

    Can anyone tell me when esf Beta is coming out. I know that this is asked often, but in the videos the dev's made it looks very (very) good, so good that someone could think its nearly completed, so i ask now when it will be done!
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    Blown away....

    It would be cool if you get blown away by a blast when it exeplode near you! The stronger the blast the further you get blasted away. That would be cool. ((P.S.: Sorry if my english is bad)):yes:
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    ROGAT - Room of Ghost and Time

    I know that there is a Rogat in the Beta version, but i would be cool if the experience is growing slowly when you are in there and you get killed if you go more than three times into the ROGAT! And when you die you can go another three times into it before you get killed! (In the series the...
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    Evil Buu?????????

    Darktooth posted pics of Evil Buu, but normally evil Buu is pink like fat buu or kid buu and is this form the form when fat buu is splitted up into the good (fat) buu and the evil (thin) buu?
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    Krillins Destruction disc

    I saw Krillin splitting up his destruction disc into (i think it were) ! 8 ! destruction discs when he fought against Frieza (form 2) ! It would be cool, if he could do that in the game! What do you think?
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    Test for my signature

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    Kame Hame..................ha !!!!

    I watched the video from the news. When i saw son goku shooting the KAMEHAMEHA, i saw when you charge it he say KAME HAME and then when you charge it longer there's an sound. That doesn't sounds good. The KAME HAME HA sounds liked cutted off in the middle (KAME, HAME, The Sound, HA) . It...
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    Changing Transformation

    I'd would be cool if you can change you're transformation, when you want. E.G. You're Cell and you first change to Cell form 3 and then form2. I mean: When you get a new transformation (e.g. new form, supersayan) you get a new attack in the HUD, Transformation to SSJ 1 or so. And when you die...
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    Allaround Attack!!!

    You could make a new attack for all Characters! An all around attack, with will kill you, but it will damage all Enemies around you. In the Dragonball Z Sagas, there were some of this attacks, like Vegeta used to kill Buu in the Buu Saga. 1.)The attack, should be charged. 2.)It should have...
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    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know...

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know how to use it and i didn`t understand the Worldcraft help manual. Please can anyone get help for me????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Where Can I Get A Program To Create Maps???????

    Can anyone tell me where in can get a Program to create a map???? Or Can i get a Modeler???? :notice: :talk: :talk: Please, cause i want to create my own maps and Models!!!!
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    Where Can I Get The Modeler And Program To Create..........

    Can anyone write to me, where i can get a modeler and, or a Program to create Maps for ESF. Please. :notice: :talk: :talk:
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    I can`t go out of ESF, when i stopped a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every time i start a game and i stop the game to go out of ESF, The game has a failure (Sorry for bad English) and i must stop the program with violence (Task-Maneger or Reset Button) . Please can you help me??????????????????????????:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :no: :no: :no: :cry...
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    SSJ Script!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know that th SSJ Script 5.0 doesn`t work. Download the SSJ Script 5.1 at the same page. Then you can be SSJ, but this Script only works in normal mode (not Team Mode and Capture the Dragonballs mode). My favourite is In F11 Vegetto!! He`s Vegeta and Goku in one.