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  1. FullNovaAlchemist

    Waiting to be sold?

    we're not waiting on the mod being sold. The mod just isn't complete yet
  2. FullNovaAlchemist

    Tournament news

    the tourney has been over for abit now
  3. FullNovaAlchemist

    Why there is someone deleting my threads, i don't understand!

    He did not. he posted ways to play ESF we do not support
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    In conclusion Bid for power poop Zeq2 dead shit Esf the best non offical game
  5. FullNovaAlchemist

    ESF release?

    It will be released when it's done, unknown who'll host the first server
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  7. FullNovaAlchemist

    Miss the game.

    Thank you very cool
  8. FullNovaAlchemist

    when you will release the game

    we will release it when it's done
  9. FullNovaAlchemist

    Theres is what i can help!

    all we really need atm would be coder/modelers and the first one more so than the latter tbh
  10. FullNovaAlchemist

    ESF Installer not working.

    what a journey this is
  11. FullNovaAlchemist

    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    interesting thinking
  12. FullNovaAlchemist

    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    yo are you the legendary andreasus though?
  13. FullNovaAlchemist

    I can't seem to play the game online

    not really you only need esf 1.2.3 but servers are dead because next to no one plays anymore
  14. FullNovaAlchemist

    [Old PotW] Quick Update

    a Cigar theory thanks for watching
  15. FullNovaAlchemist

    [Old PotW] Quick Update

  16. FullNovaAlchemist

    I would like to apply for help to complete the ESF:f.

    he means models to test not a tester
  17. FullNovaAlchemist

    2014 current state

    they are still working on it i guess but they need their time so let us just wait and enjoy it even more when it is done