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  1. imported_Da_G

    Kakashi Skinning Fase

    we need a skinner for our Kakshi model reply or pm me or Ran-D about it here a pic :
  2. imported_Da_G

    kakashi sig

    made this one ;D
  3. imported_Da_G

    problem with cool edit

    i got a problem. I made a trans2 sound that is 9 sec long and .wav but it doesnt work ingame plz help me. i think i saved it wrong or something i use cool edit 2000
  4. imported_Da_G

    name change

    how can i get a name change?
  5. imported_Da_G

    some ideas

    Here some of my ideas: - Tag Team moves so people from the same team can do attacks together( i dont mean beams i mean melee ) - When some1 is charching a Spirit Bomb u can help him charge it - Something like in DragonBall Budokai(PS2) that u fight very fast - Give some1 health...
  6. imported_Da_G

    My sig

    made this 1, tell me what you think \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
  7. imported_Da_G

    fusion model

    i was on vacation and now im back and i wanna know what happend with it is it downloadable is it under construction or .....
  8. imported_Da_G

    game crashes when i transform

    esf crashes when i transform and its not only with one model its with al.
  9. imported_Da_G

    Help serious problem

    When i play esf i cant look up or down only right and left i dont now whats wrong, my esf always did it good.
  10. imported_Da_G

    cant make a .bsp file

    I have searched for two hours to find a tutorial that tells me how to make a .bsp fil but when i find one i dont understand because im dutch so are there dutch people who want to give me a hand.
  11. imported_Da_G

    2 charaters 1 beam

    Could there be something that 2 charaters make one beam like goku and vegeta did in de buu saga or that if someone make a spirit bomb you could give it ki and the spirit bomb wil be bigger.
  12. imported_Da_G

    check this beta 1.2 stuff

    Wowwwww this is awsome check it HERE i hope you can do the normal melee of 1.1
  13. imported_Da_G


    Can there be something that you be able to save your PL and that when you play another game the PL is still the same. And people can train there PL with gravity and al that stuff.
  14. imported_Da_G


    ESF crashes after a half hour or something like that and no error just goes straight to desktop When i start a game there is an error that says trackerU.dll not found or something like that, mabye that is it. Could somebody send it and tell me where to put it.
  15. imported_Da_G

    mapping request

    is there a mapper who would like to make a map of the grankai(not the tournement). Here some pics: 1 2 3 4
  16. imported_Da_G

    sound when kill

    Could there be a sound when you kill someone. Like if vegeta kill goku vegeta will say ''you're dead Kakorat'' or something like that.
  17. imported_Da_G

    New Clan(Dutch)

    Ik heb een nieuwe clan gemaakt die alleen is voor mensen uit Nederland. I Have made a new clan that is only for Dutch people. Site:
  18. imported_Da_G


    may be a stupid question(im from nederland so i dont know all the words) but what are credits
  19. imported_Da_G

    See model

    Can other people see my models that i have downloaded
  20. imported_Da_G


    How can i see whats my IP