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  1. DaKD

    Top 3 modellers all time!

    Everyone forgot me.... lol thats alright though i sucked anyways I think really anyone that models seriously not just being stupid or messing around is great because its actually a pretty hard thing to get good at, alot of stuff to learn
  2. DaKD

    The post your very first 3D Model GAME

    Well the first one i ever tried to model entirely myself
  3. DaKD

    zomg, again?

    Looks great, i just actually saw that movie, excellent movie it was too.
  4. DaKD

    zomg, again?

    Looks great, i just actually saw that movie, excellent movie it was too.
  5. DaKD


    I remember you Solidus, I doubt anyone would rememer me though, great sonic, the old sonic 2 version is definately harder to get right compared to the SA/SA2 version. Wow youre back to? I remember you, havent seen you around here in forever. ~TwisteR (aka Majin Prince)
  6. DaKD

    Hey i Have a Question for anyone thats good with models

    Dont know about banned but acting like a mod is a no no. But anyways its beter to use the model request thread to request models Unseen, it might actually get done if you try there.
  7. DaKD

    how do i do this thingy magicy?

    Yea I made the mistake of trying ssj3 hair way too early and it wasnt pretty hehe, but just do what mp said and you should be of on the right foot.
  8. DaKD

    Gogeta SSJ

    yeah it was my dumb mistake and im having nutz close this thread, accept my warnin and make anew hair for mr gogeta in a new thread
  9. DaKD

    Gogeta SSJ

    yes I did use smos's goku's hair for this but completely neglected the fact that you cant edit any of his stuff so I'm ready for the consequence
  10. DaKD

    Gogeta SSJ

    Updates below , well used to be
  11. DaKD

    Gogeta SSJ

    Began an SSJ Gogeta yesterday. C&C welcome. Oh yeah, this is a high poly model too so it probably wont be for ESF oits already at 3284 polys without the head, but then again im not really going for a poly count made for HL hehe i was going more for detail. Updates below
  12. DaKD

    Videl Model

    Unless that is truly your attempt at modeling i dont think that you should be posting useless stuff like that here, and being a modeler myself I dont really appreciate jokes like that. but if its really a try at modeling i would recommend you use some tutorials such as the oens in the stickeys...
  13. DaKD

    Trunks (Normal & SSJ), and Goku (Normal & SSJ)

    Looking good like always Ned, no real crits from me except the face on the ssj goku does look a bit off in the eyes but you already said you werent going to change that anyway lol. these pics just go to show what a lot of practice and dedication can bring. :yes:
  14. DaKD

    ssj3 goku

    Well the skin could definately use work but it does look something like Goku, hehe I can at least tell its supposed to be him, but otherwise the hair and such are modeled well.
  15. DaKD

    Posts your old skins/models/recolor/reskins

    Heres some of my old Stuff BD vegeta attempt (one of my early models) USSJ Vegeta Early as well
  16. DaKD

    Seto Kaiba

    just got a new comp today :laff: BUT my stupid moron hard drive had to be reformatted ;( so I have to kinda start over but now i have crits to improve on my second model hehe :]
  17. DaKD

    Seto Kaiba

    Thanks Raiko I hate modeling hands eheh ;D
  18. DaKD

    Seto Kaiba

    Updates later (redoing do to comp trouble)
  19. DaKD

    Krillin, to the max.

    Its kinda funny but a little bit unessecary unless your actually going to release a model like that wouldnt you agree?
  20. DaKD

    ssj3 goku

    Hehe tis better than the like 4 tries i made at it ;D But Im curious is the hair just spikes arranged in the shape of the hair seperately or is it a mesh. Looks like peices to me but you did well if thats the case