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  1. NakiCoTony

    [Old PotW] MotM 4/10/2011: Collisions

    I just can't wait to test the new ESF. You guys really outdid yourselves. :)
  2. NakiCoTony

    Anyone with experience in editing UE3 Engine.ini files?

    Sady my PC is not a high end one. So i usually lower the graphics with the ini-s. But yeah the Unreal engine is just awesome. I really like it.. and i play with UDK a lot. :)
  3. NakiCoTony

    Melee Combat Guide (Video)

    Thats awesome. Thx.
  4. NakiCoTony

    Melee Combat Guide (Video)

    Respect! Fantastic... and truly challenging system. 1 question: Can we create custom maps the same way as for 1.2.3 or we need some moded edit tools?
  5. NakiCoTony

    [Old PotW] PotW - 11/14/10

    I think if you'd scale his face in X +% a little, and a little randomize in his hair would improve it a little. Nice work btw.
  6. NakiCoTony

    Capt. Ginyu - Kami's Palace Video

    this will rock
  7. NakiCoTony

    ESFL (Earth Special Forces League)

    Well this can be really cool, and you can do something like it was awesome back in the good times, teaching there, and learning.. playing etc... If i could help i will... :) And for the league you can create seasons, with registered teams, fixed times etc.. so...
  8. NakiCoTony

    [Old PotW] Hell

    Nice... a little more dirt or smoke would be awesome. Cant w8 for beta... i'm sick of testing WoW Cataclysm...
  9. NakiCoTony

    PotW: Test Run

    or maybe sooner! :)
  10. NakiCoTony

    Half-Life Steam Verification - Required for Official Support

    It's been a while since i was last here.. (summer, job etc..) Nice, with this system you can organize a decent beta test.
  11. NakiCoTony

    [Old PotW] POTW: Gohan Is Going To Get You

    I just love this... you guys got some talent there. :)
  12. NakiCoTony

    [Old PotW] War Is Comin'

    Nice :) Does the continuous track animated? :D
  13. NakiCoTony

    ESF: Final How bad ya want it?!

    Probably with instancing.
  14. NakiCoTony

    ESF: Final How bad ya want it?!

    Well ok thats pobably true, too bad that becouse of these idiots we miss the canhce of the beta. Do you intend to recruit into the private beta?
  15. NakiCoTony

    ESF: Final How bad ya want it?!

    Than just create an open beta, create your Own Beta server. Disable the server creation option in the client that the testers download, so your server will be the only 1. And if some idiot posts crap on the forum.. ban their steam id till the end of the month. This is one option or you open it...
  16. NakiCoTony

    Support :D

    probably you missed this driver this time... :)
  17. NakiCoTony

    ESF: Final How bad ya want it?!

    Imagine these people at the doctor - Good morning, what is your problem? - I'm sick. - Ok and the symptoms? - I'm sick... :/ Thats why they need to sort out the "incapable testers"!
  18. NakiCoTony

    Support :D

    @EvolutionX Have you read my link? :P AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Version 1.1.4 Description: The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer can help improve some PC gaming video performance by compensating for those applications that bypass the Windows API for timing by directly using the RDTSC (Read Time Stamp...
  19. NakiCoTony

    ESF: Final How bad ya want it?!

    Well I dont think so. :) For example I have been in StarCraft II Beta for a while... and my opinions not really changed, but thx to it Blizz managed to balance out the 3 classez. (And fix tons of bugs.)