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  1. DaKD

    Gogeta SSJ

    Began an SSJ Gogeta yesterday. C&C welcome. Oh yeah, this is a high poly model too so it probably wont be for ESF oits already at 3284 polys without the head, but then again im not really going for a poly count made for HL hehe i was going more for detail. Updates below
  2. DaKD

    Seto Kaiba

    Updates later (redoing do to comp trouble)
  3. DaKD

    LSSJ Brolly Wip

    Updates below
  4. DaKD

    Its Been Awhile..

    Well its been awhile since I've posted any work around these parts but I got kinda bored so I tried redoing an old model of mine. Heres inuyasha so far Critz are welcome And yea I know the feet are screwy, I just threw those on tehre to make him look tall enuf hehe. *Edit one more...
  5. DaKD

    [WIP] Shadow the Hedgehog/Super Sonic

    I was inspired by shijing's old sonic models to take my own shot at them Critz please Updates below
  6. DaKD

    Samurai Jack WIP

    I saw a request for this in the request thread I think, but it seemed like it'd be cool to use him in ESF. So heres my work so far, and btw I want crits on anything except proportions because it's almost impossible to say that jack has a set proportion because of the way the show is drawn...
  7. DaKD

    USSJ Vegeta

    I decided to re-model my old USSJ Vegeta and do it poly by poly. Credits to the original modeler of the alpha vegeta for the head, and to smo for the boots and gloves. Oh yea its 2400 polies and i might remodel the hair one last thing, does anybody know any good rendering programs so...
  8. DaKD

    Hiei BG

    Im pretty new to making BG's so heres a Hiei BG I made. Critz plz
  9. DaKD

    SSJ Goku bdmg skin

    Well i decided to try my hand at skinning. I did not make this model or the original skin, as you can tell it was xpertly done by Mr. Smo himself. This is a skin edit I wont release without his permission either. Also I edited the mesh. Can i get some crits tho please...
  10. DaKD

    Vegeta Movie 6

    Update below
  11. DaKD


    For some reason whenever i go into this map HL crashes. Ive made it into the map once but i moved once and it crashed. I dont think its that my comp cant take it ( p4 1.6 ghz 512 ram 32 mb gfx ) I was wondering if anybody else has this problem. I have Hl version This happened both in...
  12. DaKD

    Kikyou WIP

    Well now that im done with Vash I was going to move on to Wolfwood, but i decided taht I wanted to try making a female character. So I thought how about Kikyou from Inuyasha. Heres my work so far : about 15 mins
  13. DaKD

    Vash the Stampede WIP

    Updates below
  14. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below
  15. DaKD

    It's been awhile but (SSJ2 goku WIP)

    I decided to do a bit of modling today and heres my work so far. Crits please. (And yes the halves are a bit off eheheh) (This model is entirely mine also) I think the neck needs work.
  16. DaKD


    i've been wondering why for some attacks and voices they dont use stuff from budokai. especcially vegeta man i cant stand his voice before the new episodes all scratchy like it was. Just a suggestion. if i had the proper techno i would do it myself.i mean the voices in that game werent bad.
  17. DaKD

    SSJ Brolly

    here the first part of my SSJ-LSSJ Brolly pack its still a WIP but crits wuld be nice. YES this is for esf so dont ask PLZ *edit* new pics later :fight:
  18. DaKD

    Heero Yue(for the mod yet to have a name)

    Im almost done with my Heero model for the mod that im on a team for that regretably has no name yet. g-gundam vs gundam wing in hand- to -hand is the idea tho. ill post pics later if i can
  19. DaKD

    Time for feedback again

    Ok people i do this every once in a while. i wanna know what u guys think of my work. plz vote!
  20. DaKD

    USSJ Vegeta (for those who wanted a bearable one)

    I took the time and made a bearable ussj vegeta. and this is not just a plain edit i edited the skin and scaled the props very carefully. dont tell me that it sux or not cuz i wont fix it. do it ur self if u think it needs fixin just give me and the original creator credit. Ill post some...