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  1. Kaination

    3d Room Render

    ohmergahd it's me thoughts?
  2. Kaination

    Potential Diablo 3 release date.

    omgomgomg noticed this at work today.
  3. Kaination

    Grand Theft Auto V aw yeah!
  4. Kaination

    3d phone model

    I'll post wires in a little bit. got some cleaning up onj the texture, on account of accidently leaving the ******* file home, but hey, it is what it is, i'll post an updated one soon.
  5. Kaination

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive oh ****.
  6. Kaination

    SICK graphical 3ds game - First Beyond the Labrynth holyyyyy **** this thing looks good. /applaud
  7. Kaination

    Kaination's REAL weight loss thread. (freals this time)

    so here i was, when I first attempted this **** at 250. here I am nao, at 220 :] this is more of a self progress check, don't give a **** if anyone replies. i'm finally watching what i'm eating, dropped soda (drink it very occasionally), and slightly exercising. going to go...
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    Kaination's (new) modeling thread.

    So I'm finally taking my intro to 3d modeling class. We just had our first day and ****ed around with extruding, just **** i already knew, so before we go into full swing I decided to quickly model a katana. Basically my first attempt at box modeling / nothing but extruding. don h8
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    Bill O'reilly proves the existance of god. all hail
  11. Kaination

    Holy ****

    :warning:I just got done eating too many sandwiches*, so excuse me if I thought this would be a magical thread.:warning: This was me in 2003, when I joined these forums. This is me now. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! *note: "eating too many sandwiches" is a slang term used in How I Met Your...
  12. Kaination

    What'd you get for Christmas?!

    So far I love this Christmas, got to spend time with my family and ****, so it's all good. But, the thing on everyones mind... What'd you get for christmas?! I got myself... -Laptop for college (it's pretty beastly too) -Rotating Ipod Dock -Drum sticks, vic firth 7as / Metal drum...
  13. Kaination

    Holiday Steam Sales are back !!! oh ****! KOTR for 2.50? Metro 2033 for $10? lol whaaaaaaaat?!
  14. Kaination

    Now I know how women felt with the Old Spice guy... ;_;

    ******* ;_;
  15. Kaination

    So I just got a Droid phone... :3

    I love it to death. Can anyone recommend me some good apps, for any droid users out there?
  16. Kaination

    Just got a new droid phone (Samsung Epic), app recommendations?

    Well, does anyone here use a droid phone? if so, what are some good apps to get me jump started?
  17. Kaination

    New Diablo 3 character: Demon Hunter OH ****
  18. Kaination

    Chrome vs Firefox, want personal opinions.

    So lately, I've been thinking, hey, I ******* LOVE Google, but I want to try out their chrome. what would be some advantages or disadvantages users have experienced from using both? which do you use? I want personal experiences, not "WELL GOOGLE IS GOOGLE AND ITS BETTAR HURRR"
  19. Kaination

    Yarr, today be the day! How be you celebratin', ye' scally wags?
  20. Kaination

    Gay marriage legalized... again! in california.

    Man do I love california. boooooyah *****es. Next stop, legalized marijuanna, november.