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  1. hleV

    [AMXX] Bounds

    Lets you create invisible map boundaries, which fixes the issue where you can crash into and bounce off of invisible walls at map edges. Video better demonstrating this: Usage: amx_bound <x|y|z> <min|max> <#> - adds map boundary Example: amx_bound x min -3084 amx_bound x max 3084 amx_bound...
  2. hleV

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    If this doesn't come out for PC like the original did, I will cry.
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    I Guess We Should Vote for ESF? Log in, press the green button and come back to brag about it.
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    Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F" (2015 Movie)

    V-Jump Unveils New Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Title & Date DBZ Movie 2015: Toriyama Comment & Plot Summary From V-Jump “Revival of ‘F'” 2015 DBZ Movie Trailer + Website Updates
  5. hleV

    DBZ Movie 2015

    V-Jump Unveils New “Dragon Ball Z” Movie In Development Tagline for the Upcoming 2015 “Dragon Ball Z” Movie Revealed Toei Opens Official Website For 2015 Dragon Ball Z Movie Tadayoshi Yamamuro Announced as Director of New “Z” Movie New 2015 Dragon Ball Z Movie Teased in “Mezamashi TV” Feature...
  6. hleV

    Assassin's Creed: Unity
  7. hleV

    [Suggestion] Slow Down While Touching Wall

    A gameplay idea. When you're touching a wall or a ceiling, the speed should drop. This would require players to actually maneuver through narrow areas of a map in order to escape from opponents, or catch one. A bump happening when you swoop right into a wall would be a neat feature as well...
  8. hleV

    Watch Dogs
  9. hleV

    Chōzenshū - New Dragon Ball Guidebooks

    Chōzenshū are replacing the out-of-print Daizenshū guidebooks. They're featuring most of the info that was found in Daizenshū, with a bit of new material œ— like 5%, which is actually not that little considering that there were 10 volumes of Daizenshū. Chōzenshū 1: Overview, Translations, and...
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    For every vote you don't make, Damaera eats a kitten, so: Go to Log in, if you can - votes of registered members have more impact. Push da button: Make a post here about how cool you are having voted for ESF.
  11. hleV

    SSJ5 Goku is... not SSJ5 Goku

    A pretty interesting read.
  12. hleV

    Unreal Engine 4

    Demo showcase: Developer walkthrough: This demo, unlike Samaritan, is actually playable. And Epic Games seem to be ridding of UnrealScript, which is a great thing!
  13. hleV

    [Old PotW] Vegeta - In the Name of Love

  14. hleV

    [Old PotW] High Setting vs Low Setting

    SSJ3 Goku promotional theme:
  15. hleV

    TERA Online

    A MMORPG with a real-time battle system (or so it seems, mostly referred to as "true action combat"), running on Unreal Engine 3. Trailer #2 Trailer #3 Trailer #4 Official webpage: Beta sign-up...
  16. hleV

    Episode of Bardock to be Streamed Online

    Toei Animation is streaming Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock online worldwide.
  17. hleV

    [Old PotW] Freeza vs Spirit Bomb on Dying Namek

    1st form Freeza has no chance.
  18. hleV

    VOTE FOR ESF! Mod of the Year 2011

    VOTE FOR ESF! Mod of the Year 2011: Phase 2 It's time for the Mod of the Year 2011! Phase 2 is up, and ESF has made it to the top 100! Open Register/login, as the votes of registered users have more impact. Scroll down...
  19. hleV

    Gohan With Cape

    Could use a similar case to Trunks'. Gohan could have a cape until he goes SSJ2 (or SSJ), then he loses the cape until he dies.
  20. hleV

    Some Useful AMXX Stuff

    Some useful AMXX-related things for ESF, like efficient ways to perform various actions, etc. I may post more once in a while.