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  1. Horatio

    Doctor Who Thread - [Spoilers]

    I thought that this show needed a thread, seeing as it is a good show, and it's been around a while. :P What did you guys think of the 50th Anniversary episode that aired last Saturday? Also, how do spoiler tags work again? ^_^
  2. Horatio

    The Steam Universe is Expanding Yeah. There's a countdown and everything. Pretty cool. 3 announcements are going to take place. The first one has already been announced, the SteamOS, link below.
  3. Horatio

    Horatio's Circular Gallifreyan

    This is my attempt at saying "Hello ESF Forum" in circular Gallifreyan. Whaddya think? :3
  4. Horatio

    [Old PotW] Pow! Right in the kisser!

  5. Horatio

    We Miss Deverz - 2D Edition!

    We miss Deverz, so I made a game. Here ya go. With over 9 hours of riveting playing time, over 80 different endings, and over thousands of possible events, this game is sure to never disappoint.
  6. Horatio

    Steam Greenlight for ESF

    I think it might be a nice idea for ESF to get Steam Greenlit. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means to submit the mod to the Steam Greenlight project, allowing other users to vote for and against it on Steam. So far, it's been quite successful in giving games that the...
  7. Horatio

    Debris Interacting With Players

    I don't know what you guys have got for that as it is, but I would highly refer the debris from each destruction to simply clip through the players. I'm sure it's not fun to happily be playing the game, all of a sudden, punched in the face by a large piece of debris, blame your death on the...
  8. Horatio

    Playin' With Mouse

    I was playing ESF with Mouse, and I recorded it, and Hypercam 2 glitched, and I uploaded to YouTube. Here you are.
  9. Horatio

    The Philosophy Thread!

    This thread is dedicated to discussing philosophical ideas. Each Monday, at 0:00 GMT, a new subject will be chosen by whichever user posts first. This thread is currently open, and you may post your ideas below, as long as you are the first to do so. This will then be the topic of the week...
  10. Horatio

    Making My Own Slight Modification...

    Okay, you see, I'd like to modify ESF 1.2.3's HUD, but I don't know how I'd go about it. I've checked the textures folder, the sprites folder, and pretty much anything else. Is there anything I'm missing? Sorry for bothering you kind folk, but I'd like to know.
  11. Horatio

    Them Bots...

    I joined one of the officially hosted servers, and I was constantly mistaken for a bot, because of my very low ping and admittedly not-that-great playing ability. I won't give out the username of the guy I was playing with, but he was constantly saying things like 'Prove you are human, if you...
  12. Horatio

    Concerning The Forum

    I'm not actually sure what all the stuff underneath your name, to the left of each forum post really is. There is this bar of stars, then this green bar, and I simply don't know what all that stuff means. Any help would be appreciated! :P
  13. Horatio

    The Developer Appreciation Thread!

    This is a thread where people can appreciate the Developers. I don't know what you might post here, but if you are reading this, just take a moment to think of the heroes, every day meeting with the low and the dirty aspects of the game, those who give us a better gaming experience. To fight...
  14. Horatio

    Petition For New Open Beta

    Hi, imma start a petition for a new open beta, because otherwise this project will slowly get less and less popular, until it dies. I don't want this project to die, mainly because the best DBZ game ever created is the project! Anyway, you should put it out of the Files section on Mr...