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    Playing 1.2.3 in Chicago

    Hey, I'll be idling in the US Chicago server for an hour or two if anyone wants to play. 122415 1817 PST
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    North American Tournament

    Alright boys and girls. We're going to do a seeded tournament to acquire the now vacant North American Belt (North American Continent Only). Seeded means ranked, and with that in mind I have asked around the community for rankings of top players and am taking the averages, for those who havent...
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    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program C:\Program Files\Half Life\hl.exe abnormal program termination Anyone know how to fix this?
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    US Server Sponsor! Hey there, Do you like to play esf 1.2.3 in the US? Do you like to keep people active in playing a beta version of this mod? Well if you're answer was yes and youre from the US you should consider sponsoring/hosting a server. At the...
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    Christmas Ideas

    Hey guys so I don't know what I want for Xmas and that doesn't help the people who want to get me gifts so lets see what you guys can think of: About me: 20-25, loves outdoors, videogames, sports: NFL, Soccer, Basketball, Lives at my own place so I have bought a whole bunch of new...
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    Hey guys, So, I've been playing quite awhile and have been around the block long enough to know that if someone posts here, and says that they are playing the mod again, then others might come back to, so this is my attempt for that. I use the alias LoKi in game, and roam the US and...
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    Esf players?

    hi guys i play esf in america and was wondering if someone would care to join me, i dont have the open beta or added mods! :( well come join k thanks bye
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    American Servers?

    Will there be anyone playing in them?
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    ESF Crashed @ Log In

    I turned on steam, and to my surprise there was an update. Ok so it finishes the update, I then proceed to launch TS and it wouldn't run, it would go to the game screen then crash. Next I try to run ESF and it crashed at the Vegeta kicking Picolo scene. I tried to launch ESF w/o going into a...
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    I have no clue where this goes so I stuck it here: So who is this Piggy guy, and how much are you paying for your servers (if you are paying for them) and what are the server specs or website which you are using?
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    Hellooooop Servers?

    Actually, I tried looking around and I've scanned the forums more then twice so this comes with some research behind it. I'm wondering if the ESF Dev team, or even the PR would like to answer this: Will you guys do anything about providing servers? The last servers that were around were...
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    Yeowza Happy BDay Halorin

    Yeowza its Hal's 21st... time to bring on the good stuff Happy Bday man.
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    Well Im just posting to see if any of the old apes play/check the forums I dont think this is against the rules to poste here because it is part of the ESF mod... well anyways heres a list of the old apes ive become out of contact with... Mystix Epedemic optikz Gr00vy Vampire...
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    ESF - Aura of the Game

    Is it just me or does this game give off a gloomy and sad aura, mainly coming from the maps as of right now. Like canyon, it has a rainy overcast day background, and city and then night maps just dont give off a vibrant feel to the game. Now I looked at those pics for the new maps and they all...
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    psp 2.0

    Hehe im on my psp man this is tuff
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    Cell Buddy/Attack Suggestion

    Well, being that Cell would top off after 2 transformations, I would think that giving him the Blue Cell Kids for a buddy transformation, or an attack would be good. However, he is already overbalanced, so this is my proposal. Have the "Spawn of Cell" as an attack. Each One would have 2/3...
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    Cheat Protection

    Will this version have any method of a "Cheat Protection" program to come with it? Or is it possible to have VAC system on it? Or will it not work due to the modification of the HL engine, or does anyone even care about cheaters? Also, is there a definitive way to tell if a player is cheating...
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    ESF 1.2.3?

    What is this? And why isn't it advertised here? From what I understand, it just gives esf_arrival and a gero fix to people. Do we need the whole file? BTW, its at
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    New Swoop Idea

    Here is my idea: A teleport swoop that will go as far as the radius of a normal teleport but will allow you to swoop and control your directions better then just teleporting in one spot. Thus said, the speed will drain ki really fast. My idea is similliar to the idea that the Cooler Movie had...
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    Questions About the Next Version(s)

    Will there be an anti-cheat system within the code? Such as VAC or even Cheating-Death somehow? Will Ascended forms be slower within each transformation or will you continue to keep growing in speed, IE Goku 100 Speed SSj 180 SSj2 220? or would it increase by 80 again? Will there ever be...