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  1. MinioN

    World of warcraft addons

    I need addon that will show what levels are mobs when i hover on map zone in world map.I tried Cartographer but it's really annoying becouse i can't zoom out with right-click and also i cant enter in some zone with left clicking. So if anyone knows anything like that pls tell me :p tnx
  2. MinioN

    World in conflict won't start

    Well guys,It's been 2 months i since my last post here :D. I can't find help anywhere i thought someone here will know.I installed WIC but when i run it screen goes black and then it's just shuting down itself.I doesn't show any error.What can it be?
  3. MinioN

    My latest drawings - practice

    Well i'm still practicing and i think i'm really close to finnaly buy tablet :D So here are my latest drawings: Also go to to see the other and ofcourse For cool speed drawings :D EDIT: Please comment my speed drawings on youtube :P tnx
  4. MinioN

    Kung Fu Panda!

    I don't know if you like animated movies but they can be fun :D Check this movie if you haven't alredy. I like the beginning: He was so awesome...OMG my eyes!He is too can we charge you?You cannot charge the awesomeness! Warning to Minion for posting warez - [S]
  5. MinioN

    Half life movie?

    I am just wondering if someone know if there will be any half life movie.It would be great movie.The game itself it's one big movie with great story. I saw this on youtube: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  6. MinioN

    Damn,help me!

    I got some virus i quess few days ago: First i can't see my Local Disks (C:) and (D:) in My Computer.Then i have that message next to the clock VIRUS ALERT!.Few of my icons are gone and i got Genuine windows update i think it is with very annoying messages. EDIT: Sorry if i post this here...
  7. MinioN

    FPS Creator

    Source: I don't know if someone alredy post this but anyway i wanna tell you about FPS Creator.If anyone didn't know about that may want to try.It seems cool and here's video: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  8. MinioN

    Latest and best artworks

    One of my best and i am still practising.Please tell me what you think.
  9. MinioN

    My latest "grafiti" artwork

    i used grafiti app.(Still with my mouse :D) : <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
  10. MinioN

    My latest "grafiti" artwork

    i used grafiti app.(Still with my mouse :D) : <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
  11. MinioN

    Sig request - MinioN

    Use THIS to make me signature becouse whatever i try u dont like it. Text: MinioN ...If u can also add "Ironman" Colour of course red or dark red w/e
  12. MinioN

    DJ mixing programs

    Can you recommend me some good programs for mixing?I have MixMeister and HipHop ejay 6. You can see HERE few of my songs i've done(I know they suck).
  13. MinioN

    I am one year in this forums :D

    I can't tell time goes fast.I think I joined like 10 years ago :D,but it's only 1 year for me being in this forums.
  14. MinioN

    Nec nd-3551a Problem

    I didn't know where to post this but i think it's good here.Well my nec nd-3551a can't read DVD cds.It reads normal CDs but it can't read DVD.When i go to My Computer i only see "CD Drive" and when i enter it's empty.It's quite new and it was reading DVDs good.Any help?
  15. MinioN

    MU Online

    I've downloaded,installed and I created account for MU but when I try to create character under the "create" button i see: "You have left 0 minuted(credits) remain".Can you tell me how can I play?
  16. MinioN

    How to make shortcut for the games from Steam

    I formated my computer and i lost my shortcuts of all games in Steam.So now for example how can I make HF2 shortcut on my desktop?
  17. MinioN

    My new sig

    First ironman sig.Tell me what you think and tell me how to improve myself becouse i suck in making sigs.Ill make new ironman sigs soon.
  18. MinioN

    IronMan movie w00t

    Source I really love Ironman.Movie coming 2 May 2008!!! See trailer here YouTube - Ironman movie trailer
  19. MinioN

    My ArTs! See my pictures here.Everything is done in Photoshop or Paint.Also i made small video with my pictures > :) i hope you will like them
  20. MinioN

    Mirror's Edge

    Those who have Xbox or PS3 will enjoy this really cool upcoming first-person shooter action-adventure video game. The game concentrates on movement, and aims to expand and reinvent the sense of movement which is currently lacking from first-person games (in the words of senior producer Owen...