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  1. Horatio

    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Woah. Everything's so... shiny o.o
  2. Horatio

    The Thread

    The post It's this post
  3. Horatio

    Shout out to who's still around

    The forum appears to have been dying for quite a while, I think this counts as decomposition by now
  4. Horatio

    ESF Release Day announced !

    "April 1st" Mhm, yep.
  5. Horatio

    Problem charging game

    You know, he's HL verified...
  6. Horatio

    Sex Sent Me To The ER - TV SHOW

  7. Horatio

    Mosh Pit???

    Click this.
  8. Horatio

    The ESF RPG

    Needs more circle-jerking for it to be the Force Pit. Good to know you're still making this game, though! Do you have an estimated release date? EDIT: A suggestion, perhaps Robatio? The fusion of RobiZ and I? I feel that this needs to be in the game. Him and I frequently perform the fusion...
  9. Horatio


    You guys are the same person, aren't you?
  10. Horatio

    Doctor Who Thread - [Spoilers]

    Aye, me too! Now, if you remember in Season 5, the TARDIS monitor cracked, and there was the voice saying 'Silence Will Fall'. Do you think that was the same voice of the War Doctor? I think it sounds quite a bit like it, IMO.
  11. Horatio

    Doctor Who Thread - [Spoilers]

    I thought that this show needed a thread, seeing as it is a good show, and it's been around a while. :P What did you guys think of the 50th Anniversary episode that aired last Saturday? Also, how do spoiler tags work again? ^_^
  12. Horatio

    Goku will turn kaioken when he use turbo

    This has already been suggested a couple of times, and the general consensus is against it. I can't remember the exact reasons why the consensus is what it is, but I'm sure that another one of the members of the forum would be eligible to help you with that.
  13. Horatio

    Sub's Special Forces

    Endre, your pun hurt me. :(
  14. Horatio

    Dragon Ball F

    LMAO through the whole thing. :P
  15. Horatio

    Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan ( Spoilers )

    The Attack on Titan Tribute game has come a long way! It just updated with Eren with Titan form, a new shader, a camera tilt when going around using 3DMG, and a new abnormal titan. Pretty cool, IMO. Definitely take the time to check it out.
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    Grega That's deep, man.
  17. Horatio

    Sites or softwares others must check out.

    6 oz. Water Serve neat...
  18. Horatio

    2 phases for esf final (just like demo) suggestion

    So basically, you want a finished, but stripped down from what they already have version of the game. Also congratulations! You are the 1 billionth poster to post this exact thread! Even with the grammatical 'please comments' error at the bottom! You win a prize, personally selected by the...
  19. Horatio

    The most awesome thing you've done

    I made minute rice in 58 seconds. Nothing will ever surpass that achievement.
  20. Horatio

    Let's Survive the Apocalypse

    I writhe in pain as my heart incinerates due to it's apparently spontaneous combustion.