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  1. xstortionist

    New Goku Animations

    Looks Great! Great Job DT!
  2. xstortionist

    Mean Green Machine

    head still needs some work, and the calves look a little out of wack. other then that looks great
  3. xstortionist


    looking good...could use alot of tweaking and could look much better if poly's were applied properly, but other then that look good for a beginner....and don't worry about that shady guy...he's just jeoulous!
  4. xstortionist

    Ultima Keyblade

    yea, but see doing a logo is much different then recreating a defined keyblade. Doing a logo would be easier if you have the .ai artwork, but with a sword like this it's best to do it in 3dmax. There should be somekind of a poly count limited for this type of project...almost any project that is...
  5. xstortionist

    Mean Green Machine

    well still the hand are still too big and expecially the thumbs and fingers are too long. You just need to work on your poly flow and porpotions.
  6. xstortionist

    Mean Green Machine

    poly flow needs alot of work! fingers look to bulky. And also when did the turtle grow tails? Looks like a stinger ray's tail...i'd take that off and work on the poly flow more. Just go to or and look at the game models and get a better idea of how the polyflow should look.
  7. xstortionist

    Punker character

    looks great...never really seen an abdominal poly flow like that before though...seems like alot of wasted polygons in the abdominal area to me. Seem like you could easily get rid of the circular poly flow and still get the same results with the skin applied. Also from the side view of the model...
  8. xstortionist

    Leon [RE2 unused 1.5 concept]

    looks good, keep up the good work!
  9. xstortionist

    Ultima Keyblade

    that sounds like double the work to me...why would u create vector curves in illustrator then import? You can get the same vector curves in 3d max(or any other 3d program with splines/curves) as u can in illustrator.
  10. xstortionist


    does he use the 3 tails to fly like tails in sonic?
  11. xstortionist

    "what the hell!?"

    looks much better! great job !
  12. xstortionist

    "what the hell!?"

    looks much better! great job !
  13. xstortionist

    "what the hell!?"

    looks to me as if the head poly flow isn't correct. From the side perspective the head looks ape like to me. Why aren't you using smoothing groops for your renders?
  14. xstortionist

    "what the hell!?"

    looks to me as if the head poly flow isn't correct. From the side perspective the head looks ape like to me. Why aren't you using smoothing groops for your renders?
  15. xstortionist

    Buster Sword [WIP]

    i awlays found it's easier to do swords by starting off with the hand and using poly extrution method. U might want to add more dimension to the model, but good start!
  16. xstortionist


    great job for your first model. Looks much better then my first model i ever created. Keep up the good work, and more you model the better you get. some of these guys on here will give u critiques that are going to help you, then other will critique because they are bored and they like to keep...
  17. xstortionist

    Perfect Cell - 56k Danger!

    wow this looks like the cell model I created about 3-4 years ago....this resembles what i did....hmmm Needs alot of work no lie I will be honest, But this is how you get better. Someone has gone and done a quick draw over for ur perfect cell...take that and rework your mesh.
  18. xstortionist

    BTL - Brolly

    u might want to consider remodelling the whole character...i wouldn't attempt to skin something when the model isn't even close to looking like brolly.
  19. xstortionist

    Clan Logo

    well its not professional...i am a production artist for an advertising agency...and logos aren't banners...what u have created is a banner. If you'd like to see examples of logos go to and u can get an idea of what a true logo is...what u have created is like a signature banner...
  20. xstortionist

    Top 3 modellers all time!

    Kinda sucks yall left me out *sniffles LOL here since i have ner shown anything on this site except for DBZ models. here's a digital painting i just recently did I really don't do 3d modelling anymore...unless it is for creating 3d animated logos and/or occasionaly at my work I...